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Internet Network Marketing
Unless occasionally when talking about building backlinks for your contents, there is absolutely no justification for spamming anywhere. The most obvious ways these days that people spam is on social media especially Facebook. From efficiency stand point, this is not the most efficient use of your time. From profitability stand point, you will barely make any money by engaging in manual or automated spamming of Facebook walls or even forums. So why do it if it wont make much of a difference? Lastly, it does not makes you look like a leader that you undeniably have to be  in other to make money in this industry.


The act of overpromising is fundamentally the reason the industry of Internet Network Marketing and MLM took a big hit in terms of reputations. There is a fine line between writing an effective copy or advertising content and overpromising on things that you cannot deliver. How can I show you to make $40K next month if I am not even doing $5k this month? Is it possible for me to show you the formula to this? The answer is yes. But show you how to do it next month? That is taking the promise to a borderline overpromising.

Engage in Negative Advertisement

I called this Negative Advertisement for lack of better words. This is simply me speaking bad of other people/marketers in order to enhance my own brand in order to make myself look good. This is simply a horrible practice that many people including the top marketers engage in. My observation is that these people always do the things that they are bashing others for anyway. So why bash anyone in the first place?

“The sky is big enough for all the birds to fly.”

An example of this would be people who are still very much interested in doing conventional MLM (i.e. Home-meetings, Saturday events, 3-ways etc) bashing the marketers that decide to participate in more of  internet marketing (i.e. products creation, participation in launches, affiliate marketing etc.) in the same niche. While we are all entitled to our opinions, publicly bashing other marketers is definitely not necessary for you to enhance your brand.

 Underestimating Your Value

Its funny how sometimes we see people doing big things and we tend to think that we don’t know much compared to these people. But you have to understand that everyone is bringing a unique perspective and experience to the table. I am finding it hard to believe that an executive or a teacher with 20+ years of experience knows less about life than a 28 or 30 year old internet marketer just because the internet marketer is making more money. Do not underestimate your own value just because of the money that some people are making or Claim that they are making.

 Stop Learning

As much as you don’t want to underestimate your own value, you must also remain a student. I don’t care how much you are making now and I don’t care  how much you have been doing internet Marketing, there is always some things that you can learn from someone else. This is one of the reason why I am probably subscribed to the list of all the marketers out there. There is always something to learn. Remain a student of Internet Marketing. Remain a student of Network Marketing. Remain a student of business. Remain a student of money making. Remain a student of life.

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  1. Great tips MLM Brothers. I really like the ideas about not spamming and never stop learning. Those two things can have a significant impact in any business. As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. Have a great week.


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