MLM Success; Jersey Shore Vs Bill Cosby Show

Yes you read that right; MLM Success tips from Jersey Shore reality show and Bills Cosby Show. Just a little disclaimer here; I am not endorsing any TV Show by written this post. I am simply exposing you to some certain obvious changes in our society that also apply to our MLM Network Marketing industry. What model should you follow in other to be an MLM Success? Should you follow Jersey Shore TV show model or should you follow the Bill Cosby TV Show Model?
MLM Success
Let me just refresh your memory a little bit here. Bill Cosby show is about this great African American family. The husband (Bill Cosby) was a Dr who was portrayed to be a perfect dad. He always says the right thing at the right moment. He was charismatic. He was very funny. He has a very beautiful wife who was a lawyer. As every family, they have kids who went through typical kids’ stage. Overall, they were the perfect family. What does this have to do with success in MLM?

MLM successOn the other side of spectrum, there is the Jersey Shore show. Jersey Shore show is about a group of Italian kids that went to Jersey shore for the summer. It is a REALITY show. The only thing these kids do is party. There is nothing absolutely perfect about these kids. They all smoke, drink and get drunk at every opportunity that they get. The guys sleep around and bring girls back home to have sex with. I personally don’t know a single parent that would want his or her kids to do what these kids are doing in the reality show.

However, this show is one of the most successful shows on TV for the past 2 yrs or so. And the casts are getting endorsement contracts outside of the show. Why is this reality show (and others) successful? Exactly what does this have to do with MLM success?

There is a reason why Bill Cosby show was successful then in the early 90s and probably not ideal for now. There is also a reason why there are so many reality shows now like the Jersey Shore and they all have huge audiences. Time is changing. I will call this REALITY MARKETING. You can also call this TRANSPARENCY MARKETING. The era of perfection is over.

The “Bill Cosby show” business model will NOT work today.

Your Customers want to see behind the scene.This is the MLM Success 2.0.

In the world where everyone is doing the same thing, something MUST set you apart. There are lots of Network Marketers out there. There are many people creating and launching information products almost every day. The ones that will make money are the ones that are transparent. They are the ones that will engage their prospects and clients in the process. This is what it will take to become an MLM Success going forward.

MLM Success Tips From Jackie Chan

MLM Success
I have always been a Jackie Chan fan. He became arguably the greatest martial art movie star not by showing you all the skills that he has. Make no mistake about it. He has those martial art skills so you must have some skills too. However, he is popular for showing you the entire mistakes he made when shooting at the end of the movie. Jackie Chan shows moment when he punched the wrong guy, moment when he slipped, moments when he is rushed to the hospital because of stunt accidents.

All DVD movies now have the BEHIND THE SCENE options; Director’s cut on the DVDs. Not only that, during the promo of the Hollywood movies, they make efforts to show you the behind the scene. This is because they want us to be part of the process. Again, what does this have to do with MLM success? YOUR PROSPECT WANTS TO SEE BEHIND THE SCENE.

The era of putting together some Google ad and just making thousands of dollars on some phony claims is over. Will you recruit people in your MLM Business? YES. BUT, the retention rate will suck.

Your prospects and most importantly the people already in your MLM organizations want to be engaged. They want access to what is going on behind the door. Cut out the BS. They want to hear the negatives and the positives upfront. Painting a perfect picture ALONE does not work anymore.

This is why social media might be the second greatest invention of mankind since the internet itself.

MLM Success And Social Media.

I am not trying to use this post to teach you how to use Facebook or twitter or any of the social media website. Although, you MUST leverage the social media in order to be successful in the online world. That is not even a debate now. Whoever is telling you that you can have some MLM Success, without Facebook fanpage or twitter, is lying to you. You must get and understand the concept behind the success of Facebook.

There is no better way to be transparent with your followers than the Facebook fanpage. There is no better way for your prospects and followers to know what you are doing than the Facebook fanpage. They can get a glimpse into your world through this. They can get an idea of your day to day process. They will relate to you better this way. Your success in the MLM industry as we move forward depends on this.

As Google+ gain more main stream attention, expect Google+ also to start playing this role of Facebook fan page.

In a recent article on Forbes titles; Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution, this was further explained. I suggest that you click that title and read it. But here is quote from it; “The more you expose and share your problems, the more successful you become. It’s not about the top executive dictating what needs to be done and when, it’s about providing individuals with the power to connect.”

It is not so much about what you can do now as a single person. No one cares if you recruit 5000 people into your MLM Company by yourself. It will raise curiosity without a doubt and will even get you lots of leads if you use this for your squeeze page. However, your prospect wants to be part of the process. When they are part of the process, they will connect with you and buy from you.

It’s all about the connection. Think of whatever you are doing now, everyone is doing it especially on this internet atmosphere where everyone is an MLM expert. And unless you want to deceive yourself, your subscribers are also subscribed to at least 5 other people’s list who might even be better and more well spoken internet network marketers than you. In other to have MLM Success, something has to set you apart. That is transparency. And it is necessary for your MLM Success as we move forward.


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  1. Great mlm success tips guys as always! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us!

  2. Wonderful tips Ola & Shola. I like how you were able to use the Cosby Show & Jersey Shore to make your point about how old school MLM techniques are fast fading a way. It’s time to differentiate yourself from what others are doing especially now that Internet gives everyone an opportunity to claim to be an “expert” in one thing or the other. Sometimes, the prospects can’t really tell who is genuinely out there to help them achieve their dreams and goals. This is where transparency comes in. We must be willing to go the extra mile because this is the path that’s less traveled.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ola,

    Great post here. I love the Cosby show. They were such a nice family. And you are spot on with the Jersey Shore folks. What a bunch of loonies.

    The internet is flooded with network marketers, all pitching the same stuff. One of the reasons you guys made it is because you found a way to stand above the crowd. And you’ve helped lots of people in the process.

    Thanks for sharing this great post.


  4. I was just watching one of your reply webinars and I can tell you, YOU guys motivate the heck out of me. Thank you.

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