How To Choose The Best Network Marketing MLM Books

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Apparently, you already realized that educating yourself is the key to success in the MLM business.

That’s right….

Just like every other profession out there, leaving no stones unturned is very important.

After enjoying some success in this industry, I have been through quite a few MLM network marketing books. Some were a total waste of time, some were just another mere excuse to sell a book to a bunch of vulnerable people seeking success and a few got me where I am today. I will share just one with you.

I am going to share exactly what to look for in MLM books.

First and foremost…firstly, Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard is a must have.

That book single handed-ly changed my mindset about this business. I was taught to chase people, family and friends even though quite often, my uplines contradict themselves by saying we are in a sorting game. Chasing and sorting just doesn’t go together.

When looking into network marketing books, you want a book that addresses the challenges that you are having at any particular time. I see a lot of people just asking top income earners what book they are reading and just go and buy it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing what people that have results are doing. As a matter of fact, that’s another key to getting your desired result. What I am saying is to not go in blindly. Make sure that the book you are purchasing make sense to you and at least have some value to add to your business.

For example, when I found magnetic sponsoring, I was looking for a way to end my frustration with chasing friends and family. The title spoke volume in value for my business already. I also knew that dominating this business online was the future. When I read more into the description of this MLM book, it offered educating me on that and the whole attraction marketing model originated from the book.

When considering a book, ask yourself…

“What do I want right now?”. That’s the first question. Also feel free to listen to other people’s idea like top income earners. But you still should ask yourself after reading a summary or description. “Do I need the education that this book is offering?” In other words, will the knowledge put more money in your bank account or get you closer to your dream and goals.

Most people in network marketing are suffering from lack of cash-flow and lack of leads. For the average network marketer, it takes a while to get substantial income coming from the primary business. Many suffer from lack of skills to recruit which in my opinion is 95% connected to lack of abundant leads. Many suffer from the wrong mindset, poverty mindset, “I am not going to spend more money on my business that’s suppose to change my life” mindset. Focus on network marketing books that addresses this serious issues.

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  1. This site is so great that i will honor it with my comment :)

  2. Magnetic Sponsoring is a great book. It totally changed my outlook on Network Marketing.

  3. Fantastic post, MLM Brothers. When choosing to purchase an MLM book, do some research on it through websites like Amazon to find out what others are saying about the book. Go to stores like Barnes & Noble and take a few minutes to browse through some pages of the book to see if it resonates with you.

    Thanks for sharing!

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