An MLM Secret Story – I am STUCK with A Decision, Please Help

Hi…  My name is Jon williams and I am involved in MLM.  I have being involved for a while and to some, I am doing well but in my opinion, I believe I can do a LOT better. Right about now, I am stock with a decision and I believe you can help with the decision.

Due to my situation of NO LEADS and Less $10/month income, I went to the internet.  I am not really sure. I think I was actually on Facebook and I came accross 2 guys who called themselves Network Marketing Twins and they are offering and teaching a FREE course called Network Marketing 2.0 that is revolutionizing the MLM business industry.  I mean let’s face it, every business needs a SOLID presence on the internet or they will be left in the dust like New York Times VS google.

They claimed that the course which was 7 Video Series contained the MLM Secrets of the 21st century.  In my mind, a light bulb came on because I realized that I have been practicing the same MLM Recruting methodologies for 4-5 years.  Everytime I ask someone, “are you open to make money outside of what you do?” the rejection rates went up and it’s now almost like I get 3 rejections per each prospecting that I do.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE REJECTIONS

… and I hate it with a PASSION.  I will never like rejections but I am determined to make it in the NETWORK MARKETING MLM Business.  These guys’ 7 Days Series MLM mlm rejectionsMarketing course promised to address every single one of the major issues I am facing RIGHT NOW.  They were honest about the need to learn some skills and there is learning curve.

I have been told numerous times that I should be spending ONE minute with 100 people and not 100 minutes with ONE person. I mean I hear it at Network Marketing trainings all the time but here is my question.  How the HECK am I suppose to spend 1 minute with 100 prospect at the same time when I can only make ONE starbucks appointment with 1 person at a time.  Also, I have NOT been taught any MLM Lead Generation technique.  Where am I going to get 100 people from?

I am BROKE from buying leads with all my money.

… That is NOT working neither.

So, the light bulb dimmed a bit and I exhaled.  This is it! I need leads.  Just like the description of the video course, the leads needed to be targeted hungry leads (i.e only people that are hungry for what I am offering, a business opportunity).  So I took the Network Marketing twins up on the offer.  I entered my name and email address but not my phone number (I was scared to give them my phone number so they dont use it to borrow money on my name from a bank).  I clicked ‘ENTER’ and there I was on the first video.

These guy has an accent but he was making so much sense.  In many cases,  you would get upsells and they will end up promoting that there business opprtunity is the best.  NOT these guy, he was actually training and he recommended a tool and trained on how to use the tool.  I found out that the tool is actually the #1 attraction marketing system on the planet.  Click to learn more about the tool.

mlm network marketing brokeI am still skeptical.

Never mind that I am broke. I know I can find the money if I can just be convinced that this is the magic bullet.   Is there really anything like the magic bullet?  At least, I can generate endless leads online.  I just need to get the money together and get started.  I mean it’s a FRIGGING $30 bucks plus some other tools of course to make life easier with marketing online.


I am not done.  The deal became even sweeter. Part of the reason I am a bit on the fence is that I feel like I am not really technical.  However on the 6th video, he recommended a $179 facebook training. Click here to see for yourself. This is all I need.  It’s a one time fee and I already called my mother that I needed to borrow $200.  Yes! I told you I needed to make this business work for me.  Therefore lack of money is JUST NOT an excuse that is bigger than my desire.

I pitch people from time to time on facebook

… posting my company website link on people’s walls, sending unsolicited emails… THAT DOESN’T SEEM TO BE WORKING.  I was starting to think that facebook prospecting is worse because I received some HATEFUL email in reply to my pitches until I read the SALE PAGE of the facebook course and notice I have been practicing the biggest mistakes.. PITCHING STRANGERS!

So I kept watching the videos and I almost missed this.  Check this out.  They offered that if I joined their inner circle, I would get FREE access to a complete facebook MLM Lead Genration and Prospecting mastery course.  Remember that’s a $179 value just a few videos ago.

This offer is bothering me and I can’t sleep.

First of all, My upline is literally struggling in his business too which means even though he is a nice guy, my business relationship with him is not serving me nor my business. I really think my present business is a no-brainer but this NO-BRAINER is not taking me to the bank. I am just piling up useless juice and pales in my mother’s garage.

I spoke to a Lady who joined the Network Marketing Twins’ Inner circle.  She hasn’t even gotten started but she has 3 people in her downline within 24 hours. I have been struggling in this business for 4-5 years.  Sorry, an upline has never sponsored no one into my downline.   She got a $125 100%-PURE Collectible coin for free in the mail.

OMG! For Gods sake, they are marketing Gold and Silver.  Autoship of Money VS Vitamins that I have to beg people to take samples from me.

So I am STUCK with a decision…PLEASE HELP!

If I joined this guys in their inner circle which means FREE $1,249 per 6 hours mentoring for life and $179 facebook training that will sponsor at least ONE person per day, I will spend $75 bucks, receive a $125 American Silver Eagle Coin and $29.97 for the marketing system with my best chance of success working with the best and building my MLM Online.  Sounds like they are giving money away.

If I want to stick with my present company and upline team, I can use their marketing system for $29.97, but then I need to buy about $300 of tools + facebook training (Cost $179), figure everything out by myself or pay for their mentoring $1,249 for just 6 hours and stil possibly fail.  I would need to find out everything these guys know if I don’t want to leverage their knowledge by simply joining them.  They say “If you can’t beat them, join them.”  What do you think?

Please Help Me With This DECISION, Isn’t this decision suppose to be simple??? $75 Vs $1,500  … GOSH
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  1. I love reading your posts, they always make me smile, I can relate and they are full of life!

    I look forward to more!

  2. This is a great post! It’s really a no brainer to partner up with your lead system and business for those who are not already involved!


    Gabriel Johansson

  3. Great article. I like the “style” of pulling the reader in. Check out my blog sometimes. I think you might like it as well.

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