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Proper Use of the Free Broken Link Checker Finder on Your Blog By The Traffic Graviators
May 18, 2011 MLM Training

This is a quick training that Ola did about how to use broken-link checker plugins that we use for this website. This is one of the tools that we use that allow us to generate AT LEAST 50,000+ UNIQUE visitors everyday to this blog. If you have lots of broken links coming to your site, your ranking will suffer big time. The faster you catch these links and forward them to another post, the better you will be. This video also explains how to treat the pingbacks and trackbacks on your post. Thinking about this now, only if we knew this 1 year again.  Watch the video for more on this.

traffic graviator

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  1. Great info. I learn something new from you guys each and everyday.
    I had no clue about doing this on my blog.
    This is a very good tip!!

    Thanks guys…

  2. This is going to be a useful tool for me. I have many broken links on an old blog that I want to raise from the dead. BTW great webinar tonight with TRIBEPRO

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