Success And MLM Recruiting Tip From Bruce Lee

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I saw this clip and it just made absolute sense to me.

BE WATER. In other word, open your mind.

If you know something perhaps you will be making Six figures monthly income.

Its funny that when you talk to many folks who are struggling financially and need financial breakthrough ASAP, they seems to be the one that knows everything.  They know the name of all the top earners in MLM. They know the detail about why some MLM company closed down. They know the history, birth date and the hour that Mike Dillard was born. I mean, they KNOW EVERYTHING.  This people usually are not very successful.  Because they are really close minded people.  Open your mind to new ideas and weigh it. There are many things and strategy you do not know.

This can be applied also to MLM recruiting. Scripts are very good. Please do not get me wrong. But I can almost guarantee you that there will be time when they will not be EEFECTIVE. To be a top recruiter in your MLM company, you must be like water. Relax. Put no pressure on yourself.  Be like water. Flow with the prospect. Take on the shape of the situation. Connect with the prospect. Understand that MLM sponsoring is not about you. You should be SINCERELY trying to help the prospect. If this is true, then YOU WILL LISTEN. Find their “WHY“, and offer them the solution. It is up to them to take it.

The Skills of the 21st century (the technology age) is ABSOLUTELY necessary for your success and especially if you care about your team needs.  If you are stiff and simply not open to these new skills, then you are simply not water. You are STUCK in the strategies of 1950s while we are home signing up people in our company ACROSS the planet using today’s technology.

You don’t get on it, your downline will eventually find these technology and leave you for someone that will show them.
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