Secret to UNLIMITED Traffic… | myEmpiSODE #61

I’ve had quite a few encounter with some people who really think they can make lots of money without driving some type of MASSIVE traffic. But you and I are smart enough to know the truth. But there is another SECRET I want to share with you about traffic today. Watch this video.

We’ll speak soon.

To Abundance & Greatness
~ Ola & Shola ~

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3 Comments on Secret to UNLIMITED Traffic… | myEmpiSODE #61

  1. Yea Ola, this makes sense for sure. Must have several sources of traffic and not just rely on ONE method. Many people did this back in the “Google Adwords” days…and once Google pimped slapped everyone off their platform, many people lost their businesses over night…because they didn’t have other sources of traffic. Great video, keep them coming!

  2. Jody Heath // October 23, 2012 at 5:53 am //

    Hello Ola and Shola,

    I’m just cutt’n my teeth and learning this business of driving traffic. Thank you for your video. Very well spoken guys.

    Regarding this business we are in. Excellent points in your videos. Speaking in generality In regards to sustainability and duplication of web traffic, these are the two main caveats which could make or break a business. Unfortunately, sometimes sustainability can’t be proven immediately. Also, there are outliers which can create sustainability out of sheer habit. And when I got into this business, it was the deciding factor.


    Jody Heath

  3. Great videos MLM Brothers. Having targeted traffic is vital to the success of any online business. It’s taken me almost three years to figure it out, but now things are working out great.


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