$10,000 Per Month Formula REVEALED

Here is the thing. Truth BE TOLD! It’s the SECRET of all Holy Goorooo secrets that they might not share with you.

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Do you really want to have 5 figure month in and out of this business? It’s a simple formula.

Write this formula down and stare at it every day until you reach your goals of 5 figure months. If your goals are smaller than that, NO OFFENSE but you can have a more fulfilled life on J.O.B. Trust me.

Don’t worry.. I won’t be sharing any html or php sneaky programming tactics with you. You can find someone to do those stupip things for you on fiverr. They are minimum wage jobs and your potential is way bigger than that for being on this newsletter.

When I got started in the home business arena, I wasted about 5 – 6 months following “NOT TOO” sharp uplines and gooroos. What I really need was a mentor and I paid more than $50,000 as soon as I found one. That move paid me multiple times over dearly since then.

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See.. everyone’s path in this business will be different. Let me explain…

Someone else’s prospecting scripts won’t work for you. You can use theirs as a base. But you ultimately must create your own unique style.

How do you do that… GET in the game… T. Harv Eker would call it “get in the corridor.” That’s how to detect your unique style.

Before I rant on too much here, here is the formula.

WARNING! Complicate the formula and sit around the internet for the next 6 – 24 months with little to ZERO income to show for it… KUARANTEED.

* Get Massive Traffic

* Build a Massive List of People who have interest in making money from home

* Build a Relationship With the List

* Sell valuable offers to the List

I know what you are saying OR what that man is saying to you on your left ear.

“Ya right… I wish it was that simple”

Well, NO! It’s not that simple because you will complicate it. It’s human nature.

The gooroos are not helping to make it simple neither.


I used to think it has to feel like rocket science too but I promise you it’s as simple as this email you are reading.

The ONLY basic skills that you need is to know how to send and retrieve an email to be on a solid path to 4 figure average every day including weekends like we do.

What other gooroos are teaching you require you to go to school to study Computer Engineering for 5 years like I did. Isn’t that true???

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Straight to the Bank…
~ Ola & Shola ~

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