2 Top Attitudes to Give up for MLM Network Marketing Success

You have a choice as a network marketer.you can either make money or give excuses. In order for you to have any type of financial freedom and success in you MLM business, you need to give up this two things:

* Making Excuses
* Blaming

For every network marketer that I’ve come across, they are either doing these two things: making money or blaming some and giving excuses. Let me rephrase myself here. You are either making money or giving excuses and blaming someone for your failure. Imagine if you own a McDonald franchise, and you did not make any profit in your first year or first month. Are you going to blame the corporate office or the regional inspector? My guess is, you wont. Because that system has made a lot of people rich. Lets break this down a little.


Giving excuses for your MLM or home based business failure is simply to clear yourself from blame. So you had a home meeting with 49 guests and no one signed up and you gave up? Your up line’s phone was cut off and you couldn’t get to him for a three way call, so what? You can either make money or make excuse. Take ownership on your MLM Network marketing business.

It would be nice for your up line to be available 24 hours 7 days on the phone. It would be nice for you to be a great speaker with PhD in sales. It would also be nice for my mansion to be next to the white house. But the reality is nothing is perfect. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. If your closing skills is lacking, work on it. If your marketing skills is lacking, work on it. If your communication skills is lacking, work on it. Do not give excuse. Instead of excuses, work on being good at your craft.


Not only do we give excuses, we find a way to blame someone for our failure. YOU ARE YOUR UP LINE! Let that ring in your brain for a minute. If you know you are your up line, then you will not blame anyone for your failure or lack of result in your MLM business. Perhaps your team is not growing as you want it to grow and you are whining about it? Are you the number one recruiter in your team? I am 99.96% sure that you are not but you still want to point finger and blame your business partners who are basically duplicating what you are doing. How many hours do you spend prospecting everyday? Blaming is a language of the mediocre. I am not saying some up lines cannot be blamed. Just don’t.

In conclusion, I am not saying some circumstances beyond out control can’t lead to slackness in our MLM business. Life can get in the way. But who doesn’t have personal issues they are dealing with? You think you have it bad? STEP OUT. Don’t be a leaner but be a learner and a doer. Remember this, if you point a finger to someone, guess how many fingers is pointing to you? If you say four you are correct.


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4 Comments on 2 Top Attitudes to Give up for MLM Network Marketing Success

  1. Very great site you have there, tons of very informative articles.

  2. I have recently begun my network marketing journey and am looking for all the information I can get, great website here! Are the any other good network marketing websites that you recommend? Thanks Stevie

  3. Hi Ola, hi Shola,

    that sentence is so true: You are the upline. We are all part of the whole, so once we join an MLM business, even without any reps, we’re upline. Period. Most people blaming their upline aren’t aware of the fact that they are the upline.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care


  4. Good stuff as always guys, these are the two things i hear the most from those not having success. “The ability to say woe is me, shows the abundance of inactivity” Be too busy to notice how bad things are!

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