Re: new $25.00 deposit in your checking account – syke*

So this afternoon, I decided to test an email headline that says…

“Re: new $25.00 deposit in your checking account”

I saw the headline from a guy called Mack that’s making crazy waves right now in:

>>> Empower Network … a system where we have been able to turn $25 into $42,725 with the same tricks in this lesson I am about to share with you.

Needless to say, our email open rate this afternoon with that headline has been 300% more than normal.

There are 2 reasons why I would send such a provocative headline like that.

#1: I clean up our list every now and then… (I want tire kickers to UNSUBSCRIBE.)

#2: It pushes people that are serious about making money from over the fence inside. We make money and they get started on their path to total financial libration with $25 buck. WIN WIN!

There is a 3rd category that I can’t stand. I don’t hate them because it’s part of human nature. These people just find it very dificult to decide.

YET… they are taking space on my email list and we are paying the rent. Guess WHAT! We are just getting to know each other until they are comfortable and that’s fine.

That’s part of what we teach you .. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING on AUTOPILOT.

There is a 4th category.. They are just spying on what the brothers are up to.. LUV IT… Keep learning from the masters.

It’s COOL… The money we make at the end of the day is all worth it.

Here is the moral of the story.. LIST BUILDING.

When you own a list in this business that’s growing everyday…


When you don’t “GET THAT” and you are busy running around the internet looking for the next silver MAGIC bullet…

… it’s DOOMSDAY for your business.

I ran across a video on facebook or so that Mack shot.(the guy that came out of no where to dominate Empower Network now).

He was talking about how people gave EXCUSES of not having a big list to not GET STARTED. He asked an interesting question. He said:

“Do you think the list just appeared on my lap out of no where?” Think about that. May be you’ve given yourself that excuse.

“I don’t have a big list.” crying like a winnine wumpie… (I made that up.. LOL)

YES… This guy has over 200,000 people on his list but here is what you should pay attention to.

What are you doing about building your own list?

Is your “WHY” of doing this business not worth putting things in motion to having your own massive list that you can promote anything to anytime you want?

… and even send a dumb email with the subject line “Re: new $25.00 deposit in your checking account” that will make you money like an ATM machine anytime you want???

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If you are ready to start playing this home business game like the PROs…

>>> Join Our Inner Circle Here at this link, we’ll even build the list for you and teach you how to do it too…

Let’s talk soon. Please do not buy anything from us unless it makes sense to you. WE ARE THAT CONFIDENT IN WHAT WE DO.

Straight to the Bank…
~ Ola & Shola ~

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