3 Crucial Ingredients For MLM Success

To succeed in any MLM network marketing home based business, you need these 3 ingredients.

1. Commitment
2. Focus
3. Desire


How committed are you to succeeding in your MLM network marketing business? Does one or two failure makes you quit? Just take your four year college studies as an example. When you got admitted and accept that admission, you committed to go to that school for 4 yrs or more. Basically you committed to do whatever it takes to finish that 130 credits or whatever the requirements were.

Failing one or two classes does not make you drop out of college. Your MLM network marketing home based business is exactly the same my friend. This is your MBA (MASSIVE BANK ACCOUNT) program. There will be disappointments. Just like in any business and anything in life. YOU FAIL WHEN YOU QUIT.


How focused are you? Do you spend most of your time doing things that does not really help you advance in your MLM network marketing business? We are in a people business. How much of your time do you spend networking?

You cannot spend majority of your time watching TV or program that does not help you advance in your business. How much are you willing to sacrifice? You might have to cut down on the things that you like to do. It will pay off once you start rolling.


I know we all have desire. The real question is how hot is it burning? The flame of your desire should be hot enough to burn away any negativity that WILL come your way. You have to want it. IF you want it, you will have it.

The beauty of the MLM Network Marketing industry is that the desires never stop burning. If your goal is to make $20,000 in residual income every month, once you start making that, I guarantee you that you will want more. In other words, what other than money do you want? Do you want to retire your parents? Do you want to provide better life for your kids? Do you want to have enough time with your family? HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Why are you in a MLM network marketing home based business? Your WHY has to be big enough that it makes you cry.

That’s all I have for you in this blogpost.

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