5 Ways to Be More Influential

The most successful people in MLM network business and the top money makers are the most influential people. You have to be influential first. Then people will do business with you. Notice I said “you”. People do not join Mona vie or Prepaid legal or Amway etc. They do business with you. They have to believe that you can take them to the promise land. Here are the 5 ways you can become influential;

1. Choose to be more influential

2. Have integrity

3. Be optimistic

4. Put other people’s interest before yours

5. Personal standard of excellence

Choose to be more influential

The biggest attribute as a human being is the power to choose. I believe this is what really make human unique and superior to all the creatures in the universe. You must choose today to be influential In other words, you must choose to be a leader. Just close your eyes now, try to envision yourself leading a team of champions. This is a start. You can’t envision it yet, then you have some work to do. Who do you look up to? Be that person in your mind. In the MLM or Network Marketing business, you cannot afford to be a wuss.

Have Integrity.

“Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won’t cheat, then you know he never will.” John D. MacDonald

Are you the type that says what you have to say to close a sale? Or do you tell the truth even if will cost you a potential new sponsor or sale. People call tell if you have integrity or not. It’s never too late. Choose to be a man of integrity as from today.

Be optimistic

The world is filled with negativity. But when people are around you, you must have positive energy radiating from you. The greatest book in the world says, “You are the light of the world.” Be supportive. Your current situation is not permanent. This must be true for you and you must convey that good news to the people around you who are watching you either you know or not. Be positive and let it show.

Put other people’s interest before yours

Again, I have to quote the bible here. The greatest leader, Jesus said, If any one would be first, they must be last of all and servant of all.” As a leader, you must put the interest of your team first. You must be concern about them making money first. If you don’t have a team, put the interest of the people around you first. They will want to do business with you. Do not be phony about this. But be sincere. MLM and Network Marketing is a people’s business.

Personal standard of Excellence.

Let’s be honest, your looks and appearance matters also. You have to set a standard of excellence for yourself in all area of your life. Step up you fashion a little. I am not telling you go all Kanye West now. I’m saying, wear clean cloth, smell nice, comb your hair, and look presentable. Use a nicer car (if you can afford it). Or at least take good care of what you have. All these subconsciously tell your potential business partner that you can lead them to the promise land if they get in a business with you.

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  1. Hey bro, I have gone through this blog. I found it very interesting and helpful. Just to let you know, the blog is kinda slow to load.

  2. Hi Ola, hi Shola,

    awesome insights, thanks for sharing. It’s highly important you point out that we as human being have to power of choice. Whether we exercise this power or not, is another question and a choice in itself.

    Take care


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