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affiliate Marketing

There are many confusions out there about what role should affiliate marketing play in your online business. I will break that down for you on how to be successful in your online business with Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing
Just as the name implies, affiliate marketing is marketing a product by someone that you are affiliated with. In other words, Guru A created a product, and you think the product is very valuable and you decide to promote the product by sending traffic to it. Guru A will then pay you some percentage of the sale. In a nutshell, this is what Affiliate Marketing is.

There are many consideration that you have to consider before deciding to promote someone’s product. I will address some of them here. I will also give you example of some of the shady practices that people are doing now with affiliate marketing. I am not saying it to criticize anyone but just to point to you what are the practices out there by the so-called leaders in our industry.

Affiliate Marketing And Network Marketing

This section is for the Network Marketers looking to build their business online. Is affiliate marketing the same thing as Network Marketing? The answer to this question honestly depends on who you asked. Now, I will give you the philosophy that me and my brother go by. I totally understand that some people will agree and some will not. But that is perfectly ok.

Your Network Marketing should be treated just like an affiliate marketing business. From psychology stand point, it is quite important for you to know that you don’t really need a particular MLM Company to be successful in this internet age. It does not make sense to me when I hear Network Marketers acting as if their Network Marketing Company is the greatest thing in this world and there is no way that they will be successful without their company.

The Top income earners in most of the Network Marketing Companies are busy jumping from one company to the other. In other words, they are promoting whatever company/product they are feeling at that particular time. Forget the form of the promotion, home meeting or not, they are treating their MLM Company as an affiliate marketing business. They are just affiliated with that company at that particular time. THEY ARE THEIR BUSINESSES

Many of the trainers online that you see telling you to start talking to strangers are busy promoting many offers to you. They are busy creating their own products while they are telling you to do this three way calls and 3-ft rule crap. They are busy being a professional affiliate Marketer.

This is not to bash anyone. I am just telling you to see through the BS that people are teaching and watch what they do.

If you are a Network Marketer and you want to build your business online, Affiliate Marketing is must. For the following 2 reasons

  1.  To create more income for you and your family. (This is still about Money unless you want to BS yourself).
  2.  The recognition that you get if you are a top affiliate marketer on particular launches will help brand you as a expert and could potentially help sky rot your online business and give you bigger audience which could help you recruit more people into your Network Marketing Business.

Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

There is the smart way to do this and there is the not-so-smart way to do affiliate marketing. As of the time that I was writing this, a new product or marketing course that everyone is promoting is the Futuristic Marketing by Jonathan Budd. When I was brain storming with my brother how to go about promoting this, we talked about paid and we talked about just promoting it to our list that is growing at a rapid rate.

Smart Way To Do Affiliate Marketing
When talking about affiliate Marketing, the smart way to drive quality traffic to your affiliate link is by promoting it to your own list. We are assuming here that you are promoting products in your niche. So do not be promoting Real Estate Course to an Internet Marketing Audience. That will not work.

If I am already building a list in the same niche, why would I want to spend money to drive traffic to someone else’s product and I won’t have the chance to promote to the same list again? You must pass your traffic FIRST through your own landing page. This way you can always promote anything that you want again to the list in the future.

The Other Way
The other way is to just send direct paid Cold traffic to the affiliate Link. This is not a question of wrong or right. But the bottom line is you will be driving traffic to someone’s else landing page and building their lists for them. You can possibly make more sales in affiliate marketing this way but it is definitely not the best way to maximize your profit on the long run.

Methods To Drive Traffic In Affiliate Marketing

Just like any capture pages, there are many ways that you can drive traffic in Affiliate Marketing.

    affiliate marketing

  • 1. SEO. If you are good in SEO, then you might want to review the product and give people bonuses to buy through your link. Here is the catch with SEO with it comes to affiliate Marketing, You should review the product before everyone knows about it. Because at this time, the SEO Competition is very low. Your can just review it on your own blog. If you really want to go all out, use the name of the product to buy a domain. Most likely, you can get a .net or .org at that time. They will easily rank.
  • Facebook PPC. This is self explanatory.
  • Solo-ad: Make sure that you are promoting the affiliate link to a targeted audience.
  • Search Engine PPC: This is a lil bit advance and take some experience.
  • Banner Adverticement

Current Affiliate Marketing Interesting Practices

As I have mentioned earlier about affiliate marketing, it is a way for you to get your name out there. It is a way or an avenue for you to increase your popularity. But with the last product launch that everyone was promoting, what I noticed was how the leaders all joined forces together to dominate the affiliate contest top 10 list in other to win the Grand price which is an Audi R8.
Apparently this is the way the game is being played. This is affiliate marketing at its worst. This was not the case of one leaders join forces with some non-guru affiliate marketer. But these are ALL the earners in the top affiliate systems all holding one spot on the affiliate contest list.

This is perfectly legal. I am not the one to throw word like integrity all over the place or question anybody’s integrity. But these guys already have big list. And them now joining forces together to hold a spot on the affiliate contest rank in other to win some grand price is simply not giving the regular marketers that is just starting any chance for any recognition. I am not blaming anyone but the creators of the launch could have definitely handle this better. That is just my 2 cents.

Affiliate Marketing System

You should think of Affiliate Marketing System as MLM Company. Affiliate Marketing system is pretty much an affiliate community that you join at a monthly price and you get paid commission for everyone that you referred to the system and you get paid for all the back end products that your referrals buy. In many cases, the backend products are training courses.

Top & Recommended Affiliate Marketing System

  1. My Empire Pro  : Traffic Generation, Quality Lead Generation, Massive List building & Front End Cash Flow Has Never Been Easier
  2. Empower Network:  100% Commission. $5.9 MILLION in sales in under 4 months, ALL ONLINE.

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