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Internet Network Marketing

I see many confusions out there about what it takes to build an Internet Network Marketing business and that Internet Network Marketing prompt me to come out of my self imposed writing retirement. I know, I’ve just gotten a little lazy over the past few months. But I am back now (I Think).

So what is Internet Network Marketing? The name is self explanatory. This is the idea of building your Network Marketing MLM business on the internet. In other words, the idea of working from home and just recruiting people into your MLM business and magically building a huge organization.

Who are the people looking for this idea? Notice that I am referring to this as idea. People looking to build an internet Network Marketing Business are usually people that have tried the conventional ways of bulding a Network Marketing Business. When I talk about Conventional, I am talking about writing down the names of 100
people in your warm market, doing a PBR, and continually inviting people to the Saturday hotel meeting etc. This is the conventional and proven way of building a Network Marketing business.

These people have failed trying these conventional ways of building a Network Marketing Business. I mean you are talking about someone that is possibly an introvert, or very shy, or someone that has no credibility when it comes to business to start telling other people how to be financially free. MOST PEOPLE fail in this proven “Old School” way of building a Network Marketing business. This is usually what leads to searching for ways to build an internet Network Marketing business.

The Myth Of Internet Marketing Business

I DONT CARE what anyone post on their Facebook wall, or preach in their HD well produced videos online.

Here is the truth.

You CANNOT build a lasting Network Marketing Business online. I have examined all the producers online. I have seen one of our buddies who recruited probably around 500 people into his Network Marketing business all online using Internet Marketing strategies and closing some of them on the phone. But He is not actively building that business now. Why? Because the idea of building a huge team on the internet is nonsense. it does not work.

Now, I know you are asking yourself, what about Mr. A that makes $50,000 in a month from his Network marketing business and doing it online? What about Mr. B who is on the webinar telling me to call my family and friends otherwise he will call them (Well be my guest. I have about 1 more million people to talk to)?

The part that Mr A and Mr B are forgetting to tell you is the part where they travel every week to different part of the country to participate in home meetings and Saturday hotel meetings and how they still do one on ones. In other words, Mr. A and Mr. B are still doing the old conventional Network Marketing business tactics.

Building a Network Marketing business is about building a team and big organization. The money is in the HUGE TEAM. It is not about the initial recruiting. If you can recruit 1001 people in 2 days, then more power to you. This is a great skills set that I can probably show you how you can use the recruiting skills to make $100M in a year outside of MLM.

Lets get something straight.

Network Marketing is a face to face people’s business.

I learnt this from Tracy Walker. People wants to be part of a family. This only explains why some people will come alone to Saturday events for years with no prospect to convert. They enjoy being part of something. It is more difficult to be part of a family on Skype chat, or Facebook group or Weekly webinars. It is possible because we do it but the average person can’t pull it off.


Building a team is the hard part that people fail at.

You cannot build a huge team online. THIS IS THE TRUTH

If you feel MLM is for you, then please by all means go and work on the skills required to make it. I am talking about buying local leads, local advertising, prospecting, closing, bringing them out to live events, motivating and leadership skills. Because you will need to do a whole lot of these to build a lasting Network Marketing team offline.

PS. This is not for everyone regardless of how hard you try.

Again, there is no pure Network Marketing online.

A pure Internet Network Marketing is a Myth.

I am not trying to offend anyone here. The Leaders preaching this nonsense are almost lying. They all still do the old school proven traditional MLM building methods.


What is Internet Network Marketing?

Internet Network Marketing, as being practiced by the so-called Guru, is Affiliate Marketing.

I know. you are thinking that affiliate marketing is when you sign up as an affiliate of a product and then you promote that product in order to make commissions from the sale of that product? Well, this is exactly what Internet Network Marketing is.

Internet Network Marketing is simply Internet Marketing.

If you are really interested in making money online, this is how you must view your business. Your Network Marketing (If you really give a crap about the company) should be among many other stuff that you are promoting.

If you want to be married to your MLM Network Marketing business, then by all means, please get back to the old conventional tactics and get great at it. It is possible

But you cannot KILL two birds with one stone. This will lead to failure. Focus on what you are good at or what you


Drive Traffic…Build List…Sell to The list

That is it.

This is your business. You are in the business of building list. like I said before, if you really give a crap about your network Marketing company and whatever they are selling, then by all means, please promote this to the list. But promoting your Network Marketing only to your list is definitely a no-no. You are in the business of making money. So you must have multiple offers to promote to your list.

This is actually more of a science than anything. Your personality almost have nothing to do with this unlike offline Network Marketing business.

There is obviously more to each of this steps, The secret is to invest in knowledge and keep learning and implementing. This is the anatomy of your Internet Business or Internet Network Marketing business

1. Create opt-in? / Landing Page / Squeeze Page to collects prospect’s information (name, email and phone number)
2. Drive traffic To the Page
3. Collect Emails
4. Promote Multiple offers to the lists by means of Email Marketing

Anything apart from this is just noise.

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  1. Ola, Keep up the great value! I always learn something from your blog post! Have a great day!!! Karen

  2. great blog post, Ola! Keep it coming! Have an awesome day!!! Karen

  3. Great content Ola & Shola! A lot of the people that I’ve talked to think that they can build their MLM business strictly using the internet without building lasting relationships. Your post is extremely helpful in clarifying the relationship between MLM and internet marketing.

  4. Great article Ola,

    I kinda sensed that “internet network marketing” was just a whole bunch of noise and after studying the top producers online, I realized that those who are JUST doing online marketing are NOT building a traditional MLM company!

    Someone could make network marketing work for them if they decide but ONLY doing internet marketing won’t duplicate!

  5. I believe this is among the most important info for me. And i’m happy reading your article. Thank you so much, cheers

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