MLM Marketing: The 3 Big M’s

Hello there again, Shola of the MLMBrothers coming to you from the beautiful state of New Jersey. As the title clearly specified, what are the 3 Big Ms when it comes to marketing? How does this relate and applies to the MLM Business and the Marketing of your MLM Business opportunity? After reading this post, you will have a better and clearer understanding of how to market your business and take it to another level?
MLM Marketing: The 3 Big Ms
As illustrated by the diagram, the 3 big Ms of Marketing including MLM marketing are Message, Market and Media. This is extremely crucial for you to get and really understand in order to successfully market your business both offline and online. As illustrated by the diagram, you need all the 3 components of an effective marketing for your MLM Marketing Campaigns to be effectively done. Below is an example of some bad combinations that WILL hinder your overall MLM Marketing effectiveness;

Good message, Good Media and Bad Market
Good Message, Bad Media and Good Market
Bad Message, Good Media and Good Market
Good Message, Bad Media and Bad Market
Bad Message, Bad Media and Good media

There are more ways you can really mess this up. It takes practice and work to really fine turn this. Marketing is a continuous process.

MLM Marketing; Message

There is the saying that says “People do not care about your business unless they know that you care.” When you are determining what your message to your prospects (markets), You must be Market minded. In other words, find out what they are looking for. Your Message to your market is not about you. The message is about your markets.This is true for any business and definitely true in terms of MLM MARKETING.

This is why it is extremely important for you to ask your prospects how you can help them. Many of us Network Marketers talk too much. For the most part, all you have to do is ask the right question and then “Shut up” and listen. The message part of an effective MLM Marketing Campaigns is about the Markets’ need.

Some obvious needs are the facts that we all want more money. We want time freedom. We want to fire our boss. We want to travel. These are all generic Market needs that you can use. However you will be more effective if you can get specific on your prospects’ “Why.”

For online MLM direct response folks, when you are writing those Google PPC campaign ads or Facebook campaign ads or solo ads, please take yourself out of the picture. What are your audience looking for? Is it more traffic, more leads, etc? Keeping these in mind will help you come up with an effect message.

You must offer something to spark their interest. This is what direct response is all about. I am sure there are courses offering more insights into this. When you are coming up with your message, how can you make your prospects take action NOW?

MLM Marketing; Market

Determining your best markets to make money is equally important when talking about MLM Marketing. You must determine the people that you are trying to market your MLM Business too. Some people are usually referred to as the A list. These are the affluent. Determine today who you want to go after enough to make your money.

Notice that I am emphasizing “to make money.” We are in the MLM Business to make money. There are people out there who won’t have problem paying $500 or so to join your MLM business opportunity. You are better off spending more time going after those people in your MLM Marketing Campaign. If you spend all your energy on your broke Uncle, there is a big chance you will quite your MLM Network Marketing business in no time.

Furthermore, you must determine who can benefit from what you are offering. For example if you are offering a PPC course, who are the people that can benefit from it? Most likely it is someone that knows about online marketing already. You can’t be targeting Herbalife Facebook Fan Page for your PPC course. Most like, people that likes Herbalife fan page are distributors of Herbalife. There is a big chance that they need more downlines and more leads. There goes your message. These are the people you want to promote MLSP or any other system to. You must know your market.

MLM Marketing: Media

Find out what media is the most effective for you when planning your MLM Marketing campaign. This is 2011. There are new media popping up every day. But you have to determine which media is best for you, your pocket and your Market. Examples of media are website promotion (SEO), email, telemarketing, Voicemail marketing, fliers, sales letter, coupons, TV (YES Television), Radio, magazines, newspapers, package inserts, Google PPC, Facebook PPC, Banner Ads, Media Buying, PPC etc.

However when you are picking which Media that you want to use, you market must be on your mind. Where are your targeted markets hanging out? This is an important question. Would it better to placing your MLM advertisement in a “Home Business” Magazine or Success Magazine than putting an ad in a Washington Post? Think about that.

MLM Marketing: The 3 Big MsIf you are promoting Mike Dillard Elevation Group “Shyte”, would you want to target the whole world with your PPC campaign or you would want to target the Conservative middle age white folks that probably hate Obama’s gut and policies already? I am not trying to start a controversy here. This is about how you can effectively spend your advertising money to bring you the best possible ROI. This is marketing. Choose your media and test away.

MLM Marketing: Bottom Line

The Bottom line about MLM marketing and any marketing for that matter, the numbers don’t lie. You must test different messages. You must test different media. Find whatever works and stick with it. Your opinion shouldn’t and doesn’t really matter here. Keep your opinions at home. Stick with whatever your market is responding to and expand appropriately. TEST EVERYTHING.

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MLM Marketing: The 3 Big Ms

MLM Marketing: The 3 Big Ms

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We are Internet Network Marketers dedicated to teaching People how to Make money online and build their business online. For more information, Connect with us on Google+