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TODAY, a gentleman called me and he told me that my phone number was given to him by a mutual friend who lives in Boston MA. “Yeah, that’s my friend, how can I help you,” I said. That’s when he started throwing up all over me about their “new compensation plan” that was reinvented last February to cater specially to existing network marketer and asked for my e-mail address to send information to.

I asked him if our mutual friend who referred him to me told him that I was a leader in the home business industry for over 5 years now. He said he was told. The reason why I asked is to know if he came at me like that because he thought I was a confused newbie with no direction. It was in fact the opposite. All he wanted was what he wanted–a heavy hitter in his downline. Never mind the new compensation plan.

Mind you, I did not get defensive at all. I asked questions and listened. Little did he know that I was now in control of the conversation. That’s a tip for you. You are in absolute control of a conversation where you are the one asking and listening.

problem-solver-mlm-recruiting imgThis gentleman didn’t care about taking the time to build rapport or getting to know me before throwing up all on me. I had one goal and only one goal and that’s to solve his problem. Right about now, I want you to ask yourself. What is your ultimate goal while prospecting? To solve your prospect’s problem or just heading for the throat recruiting him or her?

So after he was done with the traditional MLM network marketing recruiting tactics, I asked him. “How can I help you? Do you want more reps in your downline?” He tried to avoid answering the question by saying, “we’ve got quite a few people that we are working with but we are always open to working with talented people.” Now he wants to prove to me that he wasn’t been needy.

I asked him one more time nicely and also made it known to him that it was my second time asking. Then he admitted, “YES SURrrrre”. A superlative as Jeffery Comb would say. “So if I can show you a way to recruit struggling network marketing reps into your downline by simply being a solution and leader to them, would that interest you?” I asked. He said he’d take a look with a defensive tone.

I gave him my email address to email me his junk and I will reply with solution that I have for the problem he admitted to havinga funded proposal a.k.a Attraction Marketing System that I personally use to attract targeted endless leads daily. By simply doing this, we build our downline effortlessly and faster and make 3 times the income of those on our same level in our primary opportunity.

He also felt the need to tell me that he knew all about using the internet, social media and attraction marketing. Then I said, “you might know about the internet but you have no clue what attraction marketing is.” It was obvious that his approach to MLM recruiting is intrusive, invasive and unattractive. If I were a stranger to network marketing, I wouldn’t want to be network marketer like him.

Let’s Be Clear….

Because you know how to use facebook doesn’t mean you know or practice attraction marketing. Massive amounts of Network Marketers are going online now and spamming every where with nonsense; they just don’t get it. Note that attraction marketing a.k.a value based recruiting is NOT new school. All the top achievers in life has practiced it.

Attraction and value based marketing starts from the simple question “are you open to making money outside of what you do now.” Personally, I need to hear “ABSOLUTELY” before I move forward. If someone says “no”, “may be”, “depends” or anything as such, they don’t deserve the opportunity I would have shown them and they definitely didn’t earn my time–not even a mere e-mail. Let me put it this way, they don’t need my solution since they didn’t admit to having a problem so I keep it moving–NEXT.

If you feel otherwise, that’s simply because you don’t have abundance of leads which is more leads than time permits you to speak to in a day. What you should be working on NOW is learning how to generate at least 30 leads per day. A good funded proposal should be able to help you with that. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline, as long as the leads you are generating are looking for what you are offering. If not, then you are wasting money on stupid leads.

Think of it like this, wandering aroung the mall or the legendary 3 feet rule only puts your opportunity in front a lot of people who never asked for it. It’s also known as interruption marketing. You interrrupted them while they were going about their business. Some people even bring the same behavior online. Pitching your opportunity with email to people who never asked for it will help you remain broke.

Of course, Online MLM Lead Generation it is heck of a lot easier since every dogs and goats hang out online. You can also easily pin point and target those that are looking for the solution that your opportunity offers. 97% of existing network marketers are lacking leads and making less than $10 per week. That’s their problem, find the solution for them and make money while doing it.

The solution is to offer them a funded proposal or attraction marketing system. Offering solution is called being a leader. You will be amazed when you find out how many of them are looking for the right leadership as well and join your primary opportunity without asking them to.

I Want You to Ask Yourself Again…

When you are prospecting, are you hung on the outcome? Are you emotional with the outcome or just BUILDING RELATIONSHIP? Do you get pissed off when someone says no to your opportunity?

Well first of all, you are getting rejected because you are not offering any value and you are not solving any problem. If you think you are solving problem, then it must be a problem that’s perceived as a problem by only “YOU”. Value based MLM/Network Marketing recruiting is when you focus on being a problem solver rather than a recruiter. Secondly, you are not a recruiter sitting down in a human resources office. You are suppose to be an entrepreneur. GET IT????

“This F.R.E.E Video Will Clear Things Up for You.. FINALLY”


"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

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  1. Diane Rosolen // July 15, 2010 at 11:01 am //

    Great information ….I am a FIRM believer that building a relationship is KEY !

    I myself am ALWAYS turned off when an e-mail or chat goes right in for the kill….DELETE !

    Thanks again and keep ’em coming !


  2. This is an interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great article! Love being reminded that we can help those people out there that still havn’t had the opportunity to learn the right of recuirting and building relationships..Thanks for the value!

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  10. you just knocked it out of the ballpark my friend. value based recruiting is where it’s at.

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  13. It’s all about relationship building in our profession.

    When my wife & I mastered that our residual income climbed to over $300K @ yr and growing.

    Your point about positioning the message as a solutions provider in front of a targeted audience was right on point.

    I write alot about that over at one of my blogs:

    Who contacts who 1st make a HUGE difference.

    – Regards,
    Warren Little
    Solutions Provider – Helping People Look Better, Feel Better & EARN MORE!

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