Should You Treat Your Network Marketing Business as An Affiliate?

I was thinking about this recently and I decided to write about it. Should you treat your Mlm business as your major business or as just one of the affiliates? In 2010, is Mlm the major source of multiple streams of income or it should just be one of the multiple streams of income? To better understand this,   I will examine some of the top money earners in this industry as I am writing this.

Where Should You Focus Your Energy?

If you are part of MLSP or any of the system out there, you would understand that your job is to provide solution to other network marketer’s problem. In doing so, you will make commission of the products that they might be using to build their business. On the back hand is your Mlm business opportunity. If they feel comfortable enough with you and your leadership, they will come and join you in your business. That is the whole point of making money even if they do not join your business. Should you focus more of your energy on getting prospect into the systems or building your mlm business?

So How Much Attention Should You Really Give To Your Mlm Business?

The answer to that is really simple. What are you really comfortable with? Are you comfortable talking to people all day and prospecting? Are you comfortable just sitting behind your computer while you are split testing your PPC campaign? Are your comfortable going on Facebook and connecting with people? Are you comfortable calling your cold Facebook prospect (they are cold; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)?

Do Not Get Caught Up In Following The Steps Of Any Internet Mlm Guru

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From what I have seen, they are all great sales man. So whatever they are doing at that time, it is their job to sell it to you that it is the correct way to do it. When they are having little momentum in terms of signing people up offline to their business, then they will start promoting their online lead generation system. As soon as the momentum stops with their online affiliate income generation, they will start promoting the need to start networking at the Starbucks and start calling your warm market again for the 10th time. Understand that they will not discuss their frustrations with you. Consistency is much underrated. Figure out the strategy that you are comfortable with and focus on that. Do not be just a follower.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Minimum Wages Activities

Guys that are generating 100 – 400 leads per day online could recruit effortlessly into their Mlm business even after the huge income that they are getting from affiliate products. Many of them even have their own products. However, they have been consistent for a while. They have technical skills that you will need to possess to get to their level. They easily recruit leaders who have the people’s skill that is inevitable when talking about building a huge organization.

In my opinion, this is the fastest way to build your business. To them, Mlm is just one of the affiliates. If that is what you want, PLEASE, do not waste your precious time doing petty chat on Facebook or Facebook wall postings. As far as I am concerned, those are minimum wages activities. Focus on the article writing, SEO, PPC, video marketing, banner marketing to generate leads and build your business on autopilot (yes it is possible). It will take every little ounces of the focus and energy that you have. No method is easy. But as an entrepreneur, you are a problem solver. You are not supposed to run away from one.

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