Brand New Doctor Analogy For MLM Prospecting

This is the story of a brand new Doctor, Brian. He just graduated from the Medical School. I will be using this analogy to unfold 2 big mistakes that most MLM network marketers make.

This gentleman is originally from Houston Texas but he went to medical school in New Jersey; UMDNJ. He was away in school for 4 years. When he came came back home finally, he decided to throw a graduation bash party. As a brand new MLM network marketer, this will be compared to your first home meeting or Private Business reception.

He made a list of all members of his family and friends. He invited them all. Many were very happy to rejoice with him and some could not make it; you know Life happens. Remember you were told to invite all the members of your family and friends too.

Suddenly in the middle of the party, Brian halted the music and told every one that he has some prescription drugs for everyone. Everyone quickly assumed that he was giving away some free vitamins. Brian had presumed that each and everyone of them were not satisfied with his or her health or at least, none of them was as healthy he thinks they should be. This would you beating yourself up wondering why every one does not want to be wealthy and wants to settle for less after a little obstacle.

Doctor Brian prescribed different drugs and in fact had the necessary tools for a chemotherapy. He actually said Aunt Katherine’s mole by her neck must be cancerous. If this story was true, you would find it weird too just like all the attendees of Brian’s private reception. I also found it weird when I noticed 95% of MLM Network Marketers try to build their business in this manner.

1. MLM Network Marketing is a profession. The biggest mistake that 95% of people in this industry make is that they treat it like a hubby or a side hustle. That is exactly 95% of the industry makes less than $10 weekly. That is a fact. Brian totally disrespected his profession with his behavior.

Do not get me wrong. Home meetings or Private Business Receptions works when it is done right. It is in fact the beginning of practicing the first word in “Network Marketing”;”NETWORK.

However, Home Meeting or Private Business Reception (PBR) is meant to lunch your home based business and show case what product, service and opportunity you offer. You may be able to pick up a few business partners and a few customers. Most importantly, everyone at your Home Meeting or Private Business Reception (PBR) now knows that you plant a flag and there is a better chance that they will call you first when timing is right.

You do not want to be disrespectful by calling people ‘broke.’ You do not want to tell people to have a open mind because that is exactly why they will shut their mind to prevent you from selling them or whatever you are trying to offer. You should simply invite every one without pre-judging to your business lunch and edify your presenter or up line expert. Also, stay away from using the word ‘meeting’, it sounds boring to most people and it is over used in the MLM Network Marketing Industry.

2. The big word in “MLM Network Marketing” is Marketing. The second biggest mistake and reason why people fail in this trillion dollar MLM Network Marketing industry is because they neglect the trillion dollar word; Marketing. Home Meetings and Private Business Reception (PBR) is goo for networking and that’s it. Marketing is a skill set that you need to educate yourself on and it goes beyond your family ad friends.

You have miracle in your mouth for millions of people out there beyond your family and friends. Okay, may be 1 0r 2 of them. May be you are like me when I started my Internet and MLM Network Marketing career, no one wanted to be a part of my scam.

In conclusion, your ability to get your message and your solution out to those who have corresponding problems is what makes you a marketer, a top earning producer with your primary company. Most importantly, you are positioning yourself as a Leader that every wants to follow with their credit cards in hand ready to join your particular business.

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