How to Create Real Sustainable Income :)

By David Wood

A lot of times, I hear an argument that goes something like this:

"Affiliate marketing is cool – but MLM, that’s where the REAL residual is!!!"

While that can be true, it’s also a kind of deceptive statement – because it implies that somehow, there is more income – or it’s easier, in the MLM world, than in doing something like selling info products.

The reality is – the only reason that MLM has sustainable income is because of the kind of cultures that people in MLM create.

For example, in the Affiliate Marketing space, most people don’t have weekly conference calls, meetings, live events, hypnotic audios, and constant reinforcement that is needed to sustain an income.

As a result, the leaders are constantly hopping from launch to launch, looking for the next ‘big hit’.

Much like in MLM, how people with shitty cultures and bad training are moving to a new company every 90 days – because they can’t hold an income together.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the model.

It has to do with the culture.

Good culture = sustainable income.

Bad culture = constant company hopping.

Network Marketing is not better than affiliate marketing – and vice versa. They are different business models. Both have advantages – but the reality?

If you have a bad culture, you’ll be re-building your income every 30 days, and you’ll get burned out.

I’ve used the ‘cultural selling’ model now online for the last 3 years.

In that time:

  • My income has never dropped below $30,000 in a month.
  • I’ve built teams of 19,000 people in 90 days.
  • I’ve worked as little as 3 hours a day for six months straight at times.
  • The only time I’ve had a downline ‘vanish’ or a check drop is when a company went out of business outside of my control.
  • I earn a multiple six figure income from an AFFILIATE company that trumps most network marketing checks, and I’ve done nothing in it, at all, in over 8 months. And that’s just the start.

Look – if you want to make money, let’s drop the horse shit.
Let’s look at what works with different models, and adapt them all into one process.

Amway has a good culture – let’s steal it.
Magnetic Sponsoring has produced some crazy sales – let’s steal the process.
How can we do that?

I did a live stream last night, where I explain a ‘cultural income model’ that can be done all online.
You can watch it here.

I’ve used these strategies to earn as much as $290,000 in a single month, build teams in 150 countries
…all while being completely unlimited in the AMOUNT of incomes coming to me, daily.

I’ve put the knowledge that I’ve gained over the last 9 years in direct sales into a process that you can use, to get commissions directly, with the advantages of Affiliate Marketing, the culture of Network Marketing, and the upsells of Top Tier.

I’ve seen, with this process:

  • Part time Dad’s
  • Single Moms
  • Doctors
  • Struggling Affiliates
  • College Kids

…and others who you wouldn’t put the label of ‘Guru’ create EXTRAORDINARY incomes.

This is because, what I am doing is not a ‘re-hash’. It is an entirely new income model. It is not network marketing, affiliate marketing, or ‘Top Tier.’

It is the brain child of a once homeless ‘Van Man’ that wants to help you succeed, no matter what you’re doing.

And I believe something:

That I can help you (on this list) make $50 million dollars in 2012.

See the action plan here.

I’ll see you on the beaches of the world.

To the top,
David Wood
Network Marketing Visionary.


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