Dangerous! Thought of The Common “Common sense”

MLSP Tip On Common Sense and Its Danger

Today’s lesson applies to the network marketing MLM professionals as well as life in general.  Often a lot, I see people throw around the phrase “common sense”.  There is massive DANGER in this human culture.  WATCH This Short video to see for yourself.

Using this phrase in the common way has probably lead to lifelong mediocrity for so many kids who otherwise had the chance of living their dream.  Little or no wonder, 90% of the human race take their dreams to their grave without living it.

Take for example in a situation where a child says, “I wanna play basketball and I don’t wanna be a doctor”.  The common “COMMON SENSE” says “take your A$$ to school and become a doctor” instead of encouraging a craft that the boy is passionate about.

NOTE THAT Network Marketing is not really a destinationMy Lead System Pro MLSP is not a destination…  It is a vehicle that will take you to your dream.  STOP WHINNING about investing in living your dream.
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10 Comments on Dangerous! Thought of The Common “Common sense”

  1. Great post Brothers. As Ray Higdon says, “If you are looking for a reason you can not succeed you will find it.” When we put our mind , heart, and soul into it there is NOTHING we can not accomplish!

  2. Thanks Tim.. Ray Higdon is the man..

  3. So great meeting you guys, great website and content bros!

  4. Same here Ray… Leaders just do a bad job at being FAKE. You guys are just as real as you are ONLINE.

  5. Hello Brothers, great post, I never thought about common sense in that manor. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  6. ha ha.. andrew.. yes common sense does kill dream sometimes.

  7. It is somewhat sad to see someone spend any kind of money without giving it a commitment and I see it happen all the time. People don’t treat this like a real business, which is the problem.

    Thank you,
    Gabriel Johansson

  8. Absolutely Gabriel.. Common sense doesn’t kick in on that… SAD

  9. Hello Brothers,

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the event last weekend. What a wonderful exciting time to be in Las Vegas with leaders such as you guys. Congratulations on your award too!

    Robbie Johnson

  10. Same here Robbie.. U R The man

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