Internet Network Marketing Newsletter – Some Forget Themselves At The $150 MLM, Network or Internet Marketing Stage

MLM Internet Network Marketing

The conversation in the head goes a little something like this…

"Hol’ up, I am suppose to be making money in this thing, why the heck am I excited…"

Believe it or not.. it’s all part of the scam.. LMAO. You were suppose to get excited and forget totally about "PROFITABILITY".

MLM Internet Network Marketing

You know that guy who come to every home and hotel meeting and he’s excited as hell but he never brings a new prospects. Sometimes, it’s actually him and his best friend whose soul he managed to win into network marketing too… SMH

They made that first $12 check but nothing after that. Sometimes, they make "may be" that $147 every 2 weeks but they pray to almight "God forbid" that ONE customer never disconnect the service or autoship. Ok.. may be it’s $1,000 they are stuck with.

Bottomline is that someone is stuck in a LAKE now… Other will probably appreciate if they even see 1,000 cents right??? (sidenote: have you seen this $3,058,000 story???…) So anywayssss…

A few day ago, while I was on my facebook news feed, I saw a picture of a recent network marketing company convention. It must have been about 20,000 humans "up in that piece" shouting "… yea.. yea… yyuuuhhhrrrrr…"

EXCITED beyond "you know what…" It was about 150 pictures in this particular facebook album and I ended up clicking into every single picture and then I asked myself.. "Ola what was that time wasting all about?"…. LOL… that thing is contagious.. but like I said,

…it was all part of the scheme.

I love the "excitement" scheme because sometimes that’s what it takes to keep your prospects and customers around before they see the real value that you bring. It is ABSOLUTELY ethical as long as you bring value.

The reality is that most prospect won’t see it immediately. That’s why we teach you to learn how to build a list and most importantly, build relationship with the list. Some can sit on your list for as much as 2 years before they catch the fire while some get it immediately.

SADLY, some people would have quit before that. But, I have digressed a bit too much….The main point of this newsletter is SCALABILITY.

Why is it difficult for you to scale up your productivity into massive profitability. Don’t even think about it. It is not lack of money. If you thought that.. that is shallow. NO OFFENCE.

I told you the first reason already…. you might have forgotten yourself in the middle of a SCHEMED excitement and forgot why you started a business. Now that we are back to reality, there is another reason but…

You have to wait till tomorrow and I will share with you another story that will give you CLARITY on why you can’t get past your present into mass profitability and how you can have breakthrough starting immediately even with less resources.

Deep… huh? Wait till tomorrow to find out how serious this is…

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"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~




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  1. Excitement is important in any business, but it’s much more important to be realistic. I prefer to let my actions control my emotions, rather than let my emotions control my actions. Thanks for sharing this great post.


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