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So my brother called me today to inform me about another product launch today that will be aggressively promotedInternet Network  Marketing in the next coming days. So I feel like ranting a little bit and it’s not meant to directly attack any Guru out there. Should you get side tracked these launches? Are there any values really by these daily launches that are all over the place?

Well lets just get something straight here. There is nothing new under the heaven. In other words, there nothing new that any Guru can teach you with their launches that you cannot do the research yourself and implement.

If you have time, go to Barns& Nobles and read up on any subjects like marketing, selling and even internet marketing as whole.

So if you already know this, why are you still spending money to buy these products? The answer is simple.

You are buying their time. These people have done their own research and implemented these tactics and are now teaching you what they have spend their time to researched and test.

So next time when you swipe your credit card to buy a $297 product that is just being launched, understand that you are simply paying for their time.

With that being said, I want you to think about these questions for a second;

If I know these magical secret that I can use right now to generate 300 leads everyday. Why would I want to teach you and 500 more people these secrets? So that we can both start competing with each other? OR because I need some instant money now that I can’t make from generating 300 leads a day?

Do you get where I am going with this?

If David (Guru or Not) knows the secret method to getting back on Google and generating thousands of leads, why would he want to teach such a method to the mass? So that Google can spank and slap everybody again?

Is there a chance that there is actually one or two things that the “Guru” will leave out of the training in other for them to still maintain an edge over the mass?

AND NO, don’t give me that integrity BS. These top 1% money maker in the Internet Network Marketing world are there to make money. PERIOD. Nothing more and Nothing less.

I am just throwing these questions out there to stimulate your mind a little so that you can think a lot before you buy everything that you see the whole world promoting.

THE QUESTION TO ASK; Does this Product directly helps me with Traffic Generation/List Building, Email Marketing And Selling

Because in a nutshell, that is your Online business. Any product launch that does not directly helps you in these 3 major area of your business should not be entertained.

If you are already have access to hundred of hours of training on traffic generation, then why are you buying another traffic generation product launch? If you have access to hours of marketing training, why do you feel the need to build another marketing product launch?

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong answer to this. If you feel that you really need a product, then please by all means, buy that product and MAKE SURE that you implement whatever new knowledge you have acquired. But do not buy any product of hype. As tempting as it may be, you should be buying products for two reasons;

1. either you really need the product
2. or You want to learn new selling methods that is being implemented in the particular product launch

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