How is Your MLM Team helping you?

My mentor said “if you are the only one responsible for your income, have fun been broke.” There is so much you can do by yourself. We all know that in any MLM Network Marketing Home Based Business, Leverage is the name of the game. You need a team of army doing the same thing that you are doing. Which is acquiring customers for your products or services and sharing the opportunity with more people. MLM is not an adult babysitting business. Unfortunately this is what some people’s MLM business has become. They spend most of their time nursing others. You need leaders. You need soldiers that will go to war with you and fight for something that I called “Financial Freedom.” When you are building a team, your team should possess the following characteristics.


The reality is nobody is perfect. Some people are great motivators. Some people are great sales people. Others are hard headed and non-negotiable about their beliefs. Some people are great speakers. Some people have an unparalleled wisdom about situations. Nobody has all these characteristics in them. If you want to know if your team can be potentially great, ask yourself these questions, am I learning from my business partners? What is the strength of each of the people in my down line? If you do not know the answers, then you have failed as a leader. Your team should make you better.


Have you been recruiting up or you have been recruiting down? In the MLM world, the successful recruiters are the ones that go after the A-list. In other words, if I see the people that are in your team, you should automatically become “bigger.” Another way to look at this is, your team should edify you. For the new starters, how do you expect to recruit your best friend who is aware of the stupid decisions and failures you have had in the previous years? But, if you have a second party present, who edifies you and basically talked about what a great leader you are, then recruiting your best friend just became easier. In your primary MLM business, your business partners should edify each other.

I will continue this topic in the next article. After these series, you should be able to access your team and determine how effective your team is. These series will also allow you to effectively examine each prospect and determine if you really want that person on your MLM business.

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