Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – $1,000/Day? Greed is a Bast*** …

Well.. not all the way.  We all need
a little bit of “greed” inside us to
be able to make enough money where
lack of money doesn’t stop up from
TRULY achieving our dreams.

* Would you agree that money is not
the solution to everything?

* Would you agree that the love of
money is the root of all evil?

* Would you agree that “lack of money”
is REALLY the root of all evil.

* Would you agree that your love for
charity can’t come into the reality
of serving and helping others without

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So …

Greed for money is not all bad but it
has become pretty bad for networkers of

All that occupies their mind in the
middle of trying to sponsor or recruit
a business partner is the bonus they
are bound to make.

Note that I said “business partners”..

See, I used to be EXACTLY like that
even though I always had the posture,
.. in my mind… all I wanted was the

Here is what I found over the years.

There are a couple things that we are
more likely to focus us on in our
business and when we do, we don’t
make money… PERIOD!

#1 of what you should never focus on
is “the money.”

I know it sounds contradictory but
stick with me and go ahead and…

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~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~


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