Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – $2,364/Day Loss::: Actually PITCHED!

I know…

You are probably like WTF!

but trust me charlie (means brethren in Ghana LOL)

this lesson is worth you opening the
email and reading till the end.

Happy Friday to you.. and I pray in
the name of Jesus that your everyday
shall become all Fridays very soon…

say Amen..  (cool :))

Back to business… LOL

I get pitched everyday by networkers
by text, email, Facebook, my Facebook
fanpage… our office phone number…

… you name it.

1st of all, to be clear, there is
nothing bad about sale pitching.. 
after all we are all selling something.

Even the people sending those pitches
are still selling something even if they
didn’t pitch me.

If you decide to QUIT your business
today, you LITERALLY just sold me
yourself as a QUITTER.. Get it…

Yup!, it’s so natural to us humans
that we do it sub-consciously.

Never mind.. “but I’m not good as
sales..” YES YOU ARE.  You do it in
your sleep when you snore.

So contrary to what you might have
heard in the so called “Attraction
Marketing” world, “pitching” is good
because that’s how we GET PAID.

Slow down tho….

How Freaking Ever… your pitching
methodology can be wrong just like 99%
of those networkers’ pitch I told you

>>> Go to this link:: how to pitch right

ook ok .. what does that have to with
$2,364/day…  well, you are losing
that much or more everyday you don’t
correct a BAD pitching habit.


“Fear Terminator…”

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~


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