Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – Duplicate this *ut*

You don’t want to fill in that blank
my friend… it’s a really nasty word.

So is “duplicate-able” >>> Watch this Video

I can’t stand the word and my friend
David Wood said this the best in a
training that he did about 2 weeks

I wish I can find the link and send it
to you right now. He said…

“Do you realize that duplicatable is
not even a word?”

He further said…

“What duplicates doesn’t work and what
works doesn’t duplicate.”

Let me tell you duplicates…

Sitting our FAT butt in front of the
TV watching sport or reality TV show,
that’s what is duplicatable(bad word).

That’s why it doesn’t work or create
wealth for you.

Here is more on why the common “duplication”
being preached in this industry is complete
BS and how to have 100% duplication in your
empire ANYWAY. >>> Watch this Video

“Fear Terminator…”

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~


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