Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – Who said Home Meetings(PBRs) are OLD School????

Hey… Happy Monday.. 

and no, they are NOT EXACTLY old school
and I know what you are about to say…

“Ola, but you are contradicting yourself.”

NOT TRUE.. may be you are one of the people
that assumed that I believe in 100% of the
STUPID philosophies that online novices
are running around with.

See… there is no way that I think that
home meeting, PBRs and toy parties are OLD
school because I launched my home business
the same way.

Even though, out of 23 guests that showed
up to the PBR (private business reception),
ONLY 1 sign up and he didn’t do anything
with the business.

.. and I don’t regret it.  Actually, the
ONLY thing that I regret is not making sure
he gets his money back.

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~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~


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