Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – How To Get Paid!

I hope you are enjoying your
weekend.  I love my weekend
and I don’t like when I have
to interrupt yours but…

…pardon me today.

This is just me thinking out
loud this morning on exactly
how we get paid.

The ONLY way to get paid in
our industry is if you are
helping someone.

So you say, “but Ola, I can’t
even help myself yet?”

Let me explain…

Here is the problem with most
people that I found.

They are too busy focusing on
how to solve their OWN problem
and that’s recipe for long term

But as HOLY and thou as this
may sound, just try it and
start focusing on solving the
problems of networkers around
you just like you.

Start conversation with some
of them on facebook and refer
them to people you consider to
know what they are doing.

* Pick up affiliate links from
the gurus.

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You will instantly have access
to 8,953 of our fans that are
mostly existing networkers.

Some of them are struggling,

* Start reasonable conversations
and it can be as simple as
sharing your own struggles.
people appreciate transparency
in 2012.

This is why Kim Kardashian just
signed another $40 million deal,
never mind your opinion about

You will be surprised at how
being open like this can expose
your hidden value to others
and how it can change other
peoples’ lives.

Those simple steps is EXACTLY how
we get paid in this business.

What if you can automate that
process into thousands… LITERALLY?

Here is how To Funnel in thousands
of Network Marketers that are
sold already but possibly looking
to switch to another opportunity
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8,953 networking fans didn’t drop
out of heaven, >> this video<< gives
you access to our methodologies.

“Fear Terminator…”

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~


1 Comment on Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – How To Get Paid!

  1. Akos Fintor // May 6, 2012 at 11:34 pm //

    Ola & Shola

    Exactly man, the message is dead on.
    We are problem solvers.
    Help your team to succeed and you will be on your way to the top.



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