Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – [Part 2] $150 Income Road Block Causes

"2nd Sequel to Why You Might Have Hit the $150 Road Block in Your Business…"

I hope you are having a great weekend. I am. In fact, today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. She turns 31 today and I am very grateful to have her in my life.

First of all, if I haven’t introduced myself to you, feel free to check out this F.R.E.E video and it covers everything about us, our journey and how the information can help you build a rock solid business even from your PJ’s.

About 2 days ago, we started a discussion about a major problem with mlm, internet and affiliate marketing home business entrepreneurs. I used the "$150 mark" because majority of the questions we’ve received over time has been about people who received income from $12 to around $200 and everything just STOPPED.

This is a bad situation as it kills the initial excitement about being their own boss. You and I would agree that $150 will help to reach this goal right???. In fact, many already spend anything from $500 to even the $40,000 and they still can’t get result.

I was been SARCASTIC. $150 is infact "broke city". I will be spending wayyy more than on my wife’s birthday dinner for 2 later on today. Makes no sense to lose your friends after pitching the crap out of them and all you can account for is $150.

In the first sequel, I shared the first 2 reasons…

  1. "excitement scheme" (makes you forget yourself in unprofitability) and
  2. Lack of Scalability

Today, I want to share 2 more main reasons that are very closely related to the first two. The only difference is the depth of seriousness in effect to your mlm, internet and affiliate marketing business.

The 3rd reason why people hit the $150 roadblock is the act of underestimating the fundamentals of this business. The underestimation goes as far as "the thought" that the same fundamentals only apply to this sector of the business world. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Read every word in this newsletter if you want to be around 30 days from now.

Let me explain….

These things do not change no matter how complicated you think or make of it. You simply need traffic (lots of it). Then you need to convert the traffic to leads. Of course, you need to know what percentage is converting into leads.

20% is usually good enough for me on a typical squeeze or capture page. Expect less conversion on a search engine optimized blog due to distractions. However, when you blog "consistently" (videos or articles), "the lower conversion rate" will pay you back in terms of your brand and authority in the market place.

Ignore everything I just said if you are not at least 100 days/pieces of content consistent on any of those traffic generation strategies. It just won’t work for you due to the law of the universe. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

The next thing in the fundamentals is NOT to make sales or recruit contrary to popular belief. You might have heard this before but I found that I can’t stress enough. All businesses in this economy… (not just the MLM/Network Marketing Business) all businesses *PERIOD* are relationship business.

In MLM/Network Marketing, people join people. They don’t join companies. In other niches, people only buy from people and brands they are comfortable with. All those other myths like quality, quantity, demand, supply or any fancy words out there get TRUMPED by simply building "value based" relationship with your leads and prospects.

If you can nail this part of your business, everything else becomes effortless. I mean EXACTLY that. As in there won’t be any needs to use fancy $297 "objection handlers" to sponsor low quality prospects into your business.

What I just shared with you works all the time. "Objection handlers" do not work all the time and if they do at all, they do NOT work on everybody. Let me NOT assume you know what "objection handlers" are….

What is Objection Handlers?

When someone teaches you the answer or what to say when someone asks.. "is that ONE of those pyramid things?", that’s an "objection handler(OBJ-Handlers)". Example of an OBJ-Handler to that question is…

"Yes! In fact, this pyramid is better than the corporate pyramid slavery you might be used to …LOL."

If this was comedy, that would be a good one… huh?. But you guessed it right. This ain’t comedy. Engaging in a conversation with people where you have to memorize OBJ-Handlers only makes you look smaller when prospecting.

Usually, when you do manage to sponsor people into a business with OBJ-Handlers and not value, they are low quality prospects. They will either quit sooner or later or simply never produce. Check your downline and prove me wrong.

I have to stop here today. This is a topic that I personally underestimated. Glue your computer to this block, bookmark, share on you wall or whatever. This is series could be the breakthrough that your business needed.

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"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~




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