Internet MLM & Network Marketing Newsletter – Am I a Skeptic & Is It Helping My Business?

It works all the time…

Anytime I want to pull that huge animal out, I just talk about how simple it is to make money in my subject line.

The funny thing is that it’s never stopped people from opening the email. But it does raise the fear and "yeah right" bar… very high.

You opened the email and my job here is to prove you wrong if you are one of the skeptics. Even if it’s just in the inch little minute corner of your mind. You can do it and I can help.

The doubt that’s created inside you is an actual doubt in yourself. Think about it… the evidence are all over the place… all around you and if you are confident in yourself, all you have to do is EXACTLY that.

Just do IT…

YES! You can create excuses on the fly.. we all can. They are just hinderances. There is no need to complicate it and call it other names like "reasons", "why’s" etc… HECK don’t even call it "hinderances".

I just go by what its purpose is in my bottomline. They slow success down.. PERIOD! I don’t know what your bottomline is. Whatever your desired result is .. is your bottom line. I’d just use myself as an example.

In business, my bottomline is profitability. Although, skepticism has no defined effect on my bottomline. But for sure, it has no effect on the an R.O.I (Return on Investment) positive direction. Therefore, I don’t accomodate it.

Ok… I Will Stop Lying…

I am one of the BIGGEST Skeptics there is. But here is the thing. I recognize that fact and I make sure it plays no role in my business decisions. That’s what I’m saying. Although some do sneak in every now and then.

I am always staying attentive to the market … scouting for anything that can help move my business to the next level. You should too. For example, I have been going through these videos series for the past few days (when you click, it opens another window tab).

I am blown away again by ONE of the biggest behemoths in the direct response marketing arena. In fact they call him the "God Father" and these video series has proven it again.

If you want to go through it too, be sure to watch the first 2 videos.. (all free and no email optins required) on "the ONE thing that changes everything" and "income at will".

Here is the bottomline of today’s lesson. Your guts knows it when it’s right. Likewise when it’s wrong. Of course in a market place, you will find offers all over the place. In fact, that’s what you are here for… to buy.. to buy value in exchange for money and/or time.

What do you want….

  • More money?
  • More Leads for your MLM/Network Marketing?
  • More Traffic for your internet marketing funnel
  • More magic pills and silver bullets

Buy everything that makes sense. Keyword phrase is "makes sense." If your action turn out to be a mistake, your mum didn’t give birth to a dummy. You’ll find out and you will make better decision in the future.

I could sit here and advice you to stop buying stuff. What I found is.. that advice will not serve you and damn sure won’t serve the market place’s economy.

  • We all want something.
  • We all need something.
  • We all sell something.
  • We all need to sell more effectively
  • We all get skeptical.
  • We all will buy something.

That’s what we are all here for. To create a robust economy and lifestyle that will make us happy now and in the future. You can do it my friend. We can help too. Let’s go get more money… NOW!

Here is Another Magic Pill That Cost ONLY $47… Your GUT Will Tell You if it’s wrong…

"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~




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