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Sometimes we need "hope". Sometimes it is necessary to keep us going as human. Sometimes, we need to apply hope as ONE body–together to fight a common course.

But a whole lot of times, OVERusing hope bites us in the A$$. Yes, it can be overused especially when it has become LITERALLY part of the culture in a society.

Heck, the whole United States used "HOPE" to get the whole Global economy in trouble…

  • I’ll get this $450,000 mortgage, "hopefully" I can pay monthly.
  • I’ll shop today, I hope my next paycheck can cover my credit card bills.
  • I’ll make the car notes up next month.. actually I HOPE

Like I said, hope is great but there is a BIG A$$ BUTTTT. As an entrepreneur, using "hope" as your main driving factor is not cute and it won’t serve you and your business.

YES! We take risk sometimes and it might be hard to forsee the outcome but let’s be clear. "Risk" is not what we take as entrepreneurs actually. Assessed risk is what we take. We become a student of the risks we take.

We don’t follow trends blindly. We open and shine our eyes. Then use our reasoning power to make judgement and assessments every step by the way.

Sometimes we are wrong with a move, but it’s bigger than that. It’s more about learning from the mistakes and misjudgement that we make in the journey. I spoke more about the mistakes of our journey in this video.

Why am I having this talk on a fresh saturday morning?

I spoke to a couple of people over the week and I hear very similar problem. They just listen to GURUS. There is nothing wrong with listening to people that know how to get result. The ONLY thing wrong is listening like ZOMBIES.

If you do that enough time, you will get burnt out. The gurus that have huge followership and can generarate more traffic. They can actually jump from deal to deal every week and out pace the possibility of burning out their list, followership and their skillset.

If you haven’t mastered a solid evergreen business model, traffic generation, following them BLINDLY will ONLY bite you and the money in your pocket.

There are some exceptions to the rule. There are successful people who follow Gurus (specific Gurus) 24/7. I call them Follower "MiniGuru" John. As in no matter what "Dr Guru" does, Follower "MiniGuru" John will always follow.

Obviously, there is gotta be a level of trust in such exceptional. Mainly, it’s because Follower "MiniGuru"John has really become family with "Dr guru".

Here is my point…

You are the business owner. Experts (gurus) in the industry are going to recommend products, services, deals to you. You will find many of them useful in your business too. But the keyword phrase there is, "useful in your business".

If you want to succeed in your business. You must define what your business is CLEARLY and you’ve got 2 main daily activities.

  1. Drive traffic into a high converting funnel
  2. Build relationship with the traffic in the funnel

If the recommendations of Gurus will help make any of those 2 activities FASTER and more EFFECTIVE, absolutely jump all over it to test it.

If it’s infact going to distract you in those 2 main activities…

I won’t tell you what to do..

OK just ONE thing. Make a decision like an entrepreneur would. Don’t be a wussy about making decisions. It’s very simple.

Traffic + Relationship + High Converting Funnel = Profitability

This Video Exemplifies High Converting Funnel, you can use it if you want

"Let’s lock arms together and fight the forces of evil all the way to the Bank…"

~Ola & Shola | The M!L.M Brothers ~




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