Internet Network Marketing – I Thought It Was the Holy Grail

What happened to the fact that Internet Network Marketing was suppose to be the savior? Why do most people always get to a point where they forget why they got into business and/or entrepreneurship? Quite frankly, I am tired of it and I felt like I should address it today.

Before you came to the internet in search of the a savior, you joined a network marketing. That was what it was. A simple marketing business where your build a distribution channel for a product; juice, coffee, soap or whatever. You do this by simple word of mouth to your existing network. That would be a fancy phrase for friends and family. You may get fired with co-workers; be careful.

Off the internet world, you’d ask simple question; are you open to making money outside of what you do? An ideal answer would be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. But let me share this with you.

internet network marketing realityInternet Network Marketing is Ideal; What’s Reality?

With my experience, that was just ‘IDEAL’. The typical answer was, “what is this about?” or “it depends”. For me, most of my friends and family had no interest in doing what it takes to achieve financial freedom; be a sales professional, highest paid profession in the world.

Most people are afraid of selling and that is where the ‘sorting’ phenomenal comes into play. Even though we all sell anyway, it didn’t matter. They are scared of what others thinks of them. Sadly, they have to keep selling resumes because of fear.

When I realized this, I was not going to stop this business. The next thing that came to mind was the Internet Network Marketing concept. Why? The number would be in my favor. Just the idea of an Internet Network Marketing business already won my precious heart; I just had to figure out the process.

Although, I had forgotten 2 thing.

1. There is going to be some kind of learning curve.
2. The internet is just a media.

Marketing and networking is skillset that I must get good at. See the beauty of network marketing was suppose to be the low start-up cost. In reality, it’s still low but not as low as most people thought it was. Here is why.

Your start-up cost was $200 – $1,000. After you started to speak to family and friends, you had a flash that it ain’t going to fly that easy. So you were told to buy leads worth about $2,000 per month. BOOM! 60% of your recruits out the door.

The problem with that is if there will ever be any positive return of that investment, it won’t be upfront for most network marketing business. So you almost lost your shirt and then you stopped.

internet network marketingThen you got introduced to Internet Network Marketing like I was by Dr Ket Sang Tai.

They offered you a training for free but you had to buy tools. Buying tools isn’t the problem. The problem is the expectation that Internet Network Marketing would be easier and faster. Boy… was(were) I/you wrong…

My friend, I can go on and on and on here with a bunch of ways to go wrong either in the Internet Network Marketing or the offline. It is not even about that. Here is what is killing most people’s Internet or Offline Network Marketing business.

Lack of vision and rightfully so a lot of times. The way I look at it is that if you lack vision, it’s not your fault. That’s just the way you are. Having vision and perspective of the income potential the network marketing industry and/or any sales profession is paramount. It will keep you in this business long enough to make money.

The truth again is that internet is just a media. The business is a business which simply means:

  • You will incur a start-up cost as well as a continuous overhead cost.
  • You require and deserve to be profitable preferably upfront which is easier with Internet Network Marketing because of its revolutionary integration of network marketing with affiliate marketing.
  • Continuing education is a must.
  • Success is not overnight and usually not in your 7 or 14 days trial of any product.

Trials are good especially in the Internet Network Marketing world but it is meant for you to see light at the end of a tunnel and not to put money in your pocket. There are no magics over here even in the Internet Network Marketing world; sorry.

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5 Comments on Internet Network Marketing – I Thought It Was the Holy Grail

  1. Great post – The trouble is with this current economy is that people are looking to the internet for a quick fix. Network Marketing IS the quick fix but not as quick as some would like and it is actually it is very naieve to believe that you can start a potential six or seven figure a year business without any training. (But I was sold the dream 5 years ago too, and I hadn’t considered myself to be naieve before!)

    The right frame of mind (i.e open to learning), a real “can do ” approach with hard, hard work in the first few months (and that means making some sacrifices) and a good marketing system and mentor support and THAT is when the dreams start coming true.

  2. Kevin Williams // September 24, 2011 at 3:38 pm //

    Awesome post Ola! You rock my friend and I’m enjoying the content you created in Daegan’s “Perpetual Free Traffic”. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you over the top!

  3. Great post. You’re right, most people want instant gratification and want instant results. Plus, they have employee mindsets, so they don’t know anything about building equity. This really applies to any business. What makes me laugh though is how many new franchise owners quit their business in 90 days.

    When was the last time you saw a new McDonald’s business owner quit his franchise, because he wasn’t profitable in his first 90 days? The answer. Never.

    We just tend to attract people in dire financial straits who want an immediate solution to their problems.

    Once again, great post MLM Brothers.


  4. I can feel the passion in your words.

  5. Hi Bassey,I totally agree with you that egittng the right people into the team is crucial. In order to do this, we ourselves have to be the one with Leader Qualities. We also should have the ability to identify leaders or potential leaders.Thank you for sharing. I love the image chosen too Viola Tam

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