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Good day my friends. This is Ola. This post is going to make another effort to differentiate between you attracting and generating quality MLM leads online or chasing friends and family and risking losing your friends.  Here is another online MLM lead generation tip

I have a question for you.  I wanna talk about prospecting for one second here. Let’s imagine, you went to medical school to be a doctor.  You graduated and you came home.

You claimed that you can tell that your friend has a headache and offered a pain killer.  “I don’t have headache!” Your friend says. All of a sudden, you got your friend in a headlock arguing with him that he has headache.

Is that you right now? Are you offering solution to people who haven’t admitted they have a problem.  Are you offering your business opportunity to people who haven’t said ABSOLUTELY YES to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Is it funny how people come into network marketing/MLM are thinks the profession needs to operate different from other professions.

  1. Network Marketing online or offline is a profession
  2. You need to pay a little bit more attention to the second word “MARKETING”

Your job is to market the solution to people who ADMIT that they have the problem.  When you ask the question, “ARE YOU OPEN TO OTHER SOURCE OF INCOME OUTSIDE OF WHAT YOU DO?” You need an ABSOLUTE YES.  “Yes”, “May be”, “Depends” and obviously NO does not qualify for your time at the Star bucks.

If they don’t admit that they have problem but you keep trying to press your solution on them, that is total WASTE of your time my friend.  It’s not efficient…. and by the way, there are lot more people in the world that will ADMIT that they have the PROBLEM that corresponds to the SOLUTION your opportunity offers.  You can target them ONLINE.

Why don’t you go look for them?  Because they are not in your family and friends circle?  Your friends and family will see you as a GURU wanna be in most cases and not a messenger.  That shouldn’t stop you.

Get to LEVERAGING the resources at your disposal. The INTERNET!  Don’t get me wrong you can build your business with your WARM MARKET.  Do you want to build your income faster or slower?

Because someone could be better financially in your opinion is not a good reason to lose them as a friends because you keep hunting them with DEAL.  If your friend and/or family says they are OK financially and you keep hunting them, it becomes a TURN OFF.  Sooner or later they won’t pick up your phone any longer….

When someone says, “no”, “I wanna research”, MOVE ON.  That is not the diamond… the diamond is still in there.  Keep looking for it.  If you ran out of warm market… it happens and it’s ok.  Master prospecting skills for facebook….  300 Million people up there.

It is a numbers game.  You deserve to leverage online MLM lead generation machine, the internet to prequalify and go through a whole lot of people.  When you start doing this, then you are really taking the MLM business as a multimillion dollars profession that it is.

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