Online MLM Lead Generation Tip – NUNMBERS GAME

Hey…  Thank you for visiting us today.  This is Shola from the MLM Brothers.  Hmm… I just wanna share ONE key point/tip with you now.  Why is everyone saying NO to your opportunity? You REALLY though every one will say yes to you MLM… You understand people saying no to you MLM Online, but you don’t get your family and friends….

This business that we are in, Network Marketing business, IS A NUMBER GAME. Don’t waste time on one person.  It is either YES or NO, somtimes MAYBE.  Spen most of your time with the YESses..

It’s a numbers game, the more people you go through, the more people you bring into the business… THAT IS THE WAY IT IS and IT WILL ALWAYS BE.

Do NOT waste your time CONVINCING people… we are not in a convincing business guys.  We are in a LEGITIMATE and a solid business.  Just keep looking for your champions.  Look for your leaders.  Look for the DIAMOND.  It is right there in the GARBAGE.  Keep looking for it.

I can’t leave without telling OR REMINDING you that ONLINE MLM LEAD GENERATION via the internet allows you to go through PEOPLE over 1000x quicker and even build relationships and your network.  But only if you are SERIOUS enough about your business to master a few skills.

To master online MLM lead generation is FREE and you can be a total superstar in 30-60 days — not 4 years college.  I strongly encourage to not join the LARGEST NATION on EARTH: Procrasti-NATION.  You can thank me later if you take that advice.

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  1. You are absolutley right! It’s all about working through the numbers and online lead generation makes it a whole lot simpler and faster. Once I learned the “Secret” life has never been the same!

    Keep on rocking guys!

    –Jeremy Reece

  2. Been searching for awhile for something like this great info very useful.

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