Leverage – A Wealth Principle

Leverage simply means doing more with less. This term has been complicated by the so-called financial industry and money specialist out there. Like I said, it simply means doing more with less. If you keep things simple like this, people will run into less problems. Leverage is very important in order to create wealth and have more than enough because of the following reasons.

1. Limited Resources: The universe itself as a whole has and has always had limited resources. Energy is neither created nor destroyed according to Physics. Everyone has limited resources and therefore there is absolutely no excuse to pursue more than you have now. To create true wealth, you need to know how to manage the limited resources at your disposal; even if the only resource you have is life or just breathing.

2. Limited Information: We have all been programmed to do due diligence; especially successful corporate slaves. Come to find out, most people’s research are done on Google. Blogs and online journals just don’t appear online from some heaven. Someone wrote them when they felt like whining, and they are usually whining when they are bitter, negative or trying to sell you something else other than your dream. To become flat out wealthy, one needs the ability to leverage by making quick analysis and decision based on limited information.

3. Limited Time: Every one physically has 24 hours in a day. However one can leverage other people’s time. It is possible to strategically have more than 24 hours in a day. Think of a Real Estate Broker who has 10 Realtor in his office selling and buying properties. Now the broker makes money from 240 (24×10) hours/day. Your income must not depend on just your physical 24 hours in a day. True wealth can not be created from salaries regardless of how big it is; even $1 Million per annual.

4. Limited Money: Yes, you need initial capital investment to start a business. But, you are wrong and you don’t need $1 Million to buy a McDonald Franchise to become financially free. As a matter of fact, that usually makes you end up with an adult day care center. You may never have time freedom. Ask people who own corner stores, laundromat or any traditional small business. There are so many opportunities available today that you can start for under $1,000 with a multimillion dollar potential in 1-2 years. Beyond that leverage with others effort, money and time. The name of the game is leverage.

If you are the only one responsible for your income, have fun staying broke and/or retiring broke at 79 years old. The parable of the talent in the Bible by Jesus clearly explains why you need to leverage and double your money and time to achieve true freedom. The first assignment of Jesus was also to recruit 12 disciples. The name of the wealth game is called leverage.

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  7. Leverage done correctly can be very powerful, just as you suggested.

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