Mark Hoverson – Living & Dead Money

One of the most successful marketers in our industry online Mark Hoverson shares some nuggets here about “Living” and “Dead” Money. Most people totally miss it here and will never create wealth.

WOW WOW… In case you don’t know, Mark Hoverson is ONE-HALF of the guys that shook up this industry a few months ago with the MLM Lunch Formula. He is also allegedly a co-owner of Global Resort Network.

If I were you, A WORD is enough for the wise. Question now is.. Are you getting checks from RESULTS or Activities???? If it’s the latter, FACTUALLY, you will never get wealth. I am living it right there!

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  1. Steven Schmeltzle // May 3, 2011 at 4:47 pm //

    Hey there Ola!

    Great interview with Mark! Great concept – living money and dead money….

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