Marketing Your MLM Business Online

Can You Build Any Business With No Internet Presence?

The idea that you can run any business without marketing it online is a joke to me. Everything is online now. The president of United States markets his agenda online. The Democratic Party market their agenda online. The Republican Party promote their agenda online. As sad as it may be, if you watch the news, you would notice that the terrorists market their agendas online too.  If you are serious about building a network marketing business, you must market your business online. That is non-negotiable.

Online MLM vs Offline MLM

Sometimes I read articles that try to differentiate between online and offline Network Marketing MLM business (Some of them I wrote). To be very honest with you, There shouldn’t be a difference between online and offline Network Marketing. The question should be more of should I build my network marketing business faster or should I build my MLM the slower way? Or better yet, isn’t everything offline? You cannot build a huge downline anyway without at least communicating with your team. The means of communication could be the phone, email or even skype. This is how it is anyway in the corporate world.

Information, Technology And Business

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Bill Gates

Here is a quote from Bill Gates; Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. In other words, you cannot run and market effective network marketing MLM business without incorporating information and technology. I didn’t say it. Bill Gates said it. As an entrepreneur, you must learn how to think about the future and trends. Everything is going online. You must market your Mlm business online in this 21st century.

Leverage Is The Name Of The Game

You can market your Mlm business online by yourself or you can market it through Attraction Marketing System. You cannot go wrong with any. The difference is that it is 10000 times faster to use an attraction marketing system. If you know how to set up a blog, if you know how to set up a PPC campaign, if you have all the copyrights skills that you need and you have your auto responder ready, then you can definitely market your MLM online without a system. However, as an entrepreneur, you have to understand the power of leverage. You are a Network Marketer. Focus on the prospecting and the money making activities. Let guys like Brian Finale (Founder of MLSP) worry about the system.

To Market Your MLM Online, You Must Understand Your Audience.

This is like the first rule of marketing. Know who you are marketing to. Are you marketing to teachers looking for a teaching job, or you are marketing to entrepreneurs looking to start a home business. Marketing your network marketing business is simply speaking to the pain of these people. Your audiences are the people that are tired of the 9-5 job life style. Your audiences are frustrated Network marketers like you. Speak to their pain. Offer them advice. Be the leader. Many will join you as a result of this. This is what you are supposed to do with the traditional MLM. You are reaching an audience 10000 times bigger now when you do it online.

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  1. This is one awesome article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. I am a frequent reader of your blog posts. I liked the recent one and other posts on your blog so much that I have subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed in Thunderbird. Even thinking of stealing some ideas and put them to work. Keep all the good work going by posting more informative posts. Thank you. Time well spent on this post.

  3. Great post! I definitely agree with the online/offline part- the benefit of online is that there are SO many ways to meet people and attract them to your business, but it can’t replace the basics of building relationships.

    Rachael Macgregor

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