Network Marketing Tips: What is Your Biggest Asset?

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Time > Money

What is your biggest asset in Network marketing business? (Hints: It is not a 500 units Commercial Real Estate or Stocks or Mutual Fund)If you say “time”, then you are correct. Time is not money. Time is greater than money. One thing that is very common to EVERY successful people is that they know how to manage their time. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. You would be surprise how much you can achieve if you improve your time management efficiencies by just 50%. And I can promise you that even your bank manager will take notice of this.

Effective time management is about focus.

Focus is that big word that we use repeatedly but we don’t personally practice it in our day to day life. You have to be 100% focused especially when you are working on the money making activities. Turn off the TV. Lock yourself in the room for that 2 or 3 hours that you want to work on the money making activity. Your mind and brain has to be 100% in sync for you to get the best out of that time. Trust me, those two hardly agrees on anything. Turn off the cell phone if it is possible. As I said earlier, Time is not money. Time is greater than money.

Get Away From The Minimum Wage Activities ASAP

I understand that initially, it is necessary for us to do some minimum wages activities. If you are not making much money now, you probably want to still do your article spinning, article writing, blogging, back linking, syndicating etc. However, AS SOON AS YOU CAN, out-source these activities. Highlight the money making activities and get better with them. For those doing just internet marketing, example of money making activities is finding a profitable niche, profitable keyword, setting up the blog and the structure. Monitoring your PPC campaign and split testing every molecule or atom of them is a money making activity (or lack thereof is a money losing Masterminding with the top earners in your Mlm business or attraction marketing system is a money making activity. Creating a product is a money making activity. The lists go on.

Becoming an Effective Recruiter.

As a Network Marketer, your money making activity is prospecting. The biggest MLM secret to being the best in prospecting is being 100% focused in it. You have to get your mind off the scripts. It is good to read the scripts just for the purpose of understanding the concept of it. When you are 100% focused during prospecting, you will listen. That is the secret. When you listen, you will ask the right question. The whole process becomes faster, less emotional, and efficient. Sometimes we mistake the best recruiters as the one that talks a lot. That is not correct. The best recruiters are the one that knows how to listen. At the end of the day, no one’s time is being wasted, and everyone go home happy.

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