Failing To The Top

Internet Network Marketing

This is going to be a quick post. I was just on the Better-Networker forum and I was reading some interesting post about Empower Network. The question was if people are making money with Empower Network? There are obviously different argument from someone talking about branding, to others talking about how the system is stable etc.

 Here is what it came down to

These people did not want to spend $25 to find out what is actually in the Empower Network system. Why? Because they are afraid. I can see through all the BS that some people wrote on there and it was quite obvious to me that they have no idea what Empower Network is all about.

 I am not writing this post to endorse Empower Network. I am making a broader argument.

How much really is $25? This is about how much I pay in Toe fees to go to NYC from New Jersey. This is how much I spend to enter a lounge on Friday or Saturday night. This is how much I give to church on Sundays for offerings. This is how much I Spend on Chinese food. This does not buy me a pair quality shoes like Aldo brand. This does not fill my gas tank. So is $25 really the problem?

Guess what?

 This people are not afraid of spending the $25.

They are afraid of Failure.

Internet Network Marketing
What if this system (of whatever) is a scam? What if I don’t make money with this thing? What if I am not good enough to make money like others? What if I offend this person? What if? What if? what if?


To make money in the internet Network Marketing business or any business, you must be willing and ready to fail. You simply cannot be afraid of failure. You must embrace failure.

The only way to the top is through lessons from failure.

We have spent thousands of dollars that we didn’t have on course materials and trainings. Some of them were useful and some where not.

Majority of the time, all you need is a little “nugget” to take your business to a different level.

We recently bought a $500 marketing course because I told Ola that I am interested in just ONE of the sessions out of about 50 or so. Just ONE. Why? because that ONE COULD easily worth extra $20K/month in our business. Notice that I said COULD. Is there any chance that it could be worth NOTHING? YES, So what?

I am willing to take that chance.

I am not asking you to spend $500 that you don’t have (Pay your bills first). I am simply saying do not be afraid to fail. In this business, you should be curious, be a student of the game, be inquisitive, subscribe to every list possible (especially ours), be willing to spend for even a 1% chance of new knowledge. That new “nugget” could be the difference in your current situation and your financial freedom.



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