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WOW! Richard.. I’ve got a a lot of respect for you for that post. IT HIT HOME.

There was a thread once upon a time that you accused me of saying your stuff was crap. I never said that! But I do admit you got mixed in somehow with Myself and my brother counter-attacking James…lol I wanted to IM you or facebook you and tell you I wasn’t talking to you, but that wasn’t gonna make me a dime so I let it slide.

It is worth mentioning now. So let’s be clear. I’ve got respect for you and I wasn’t talking to you at all. … and btw Mike Dillard mentioned your name at the LTD Event in Vegas as one of the most valuable people in BN.

@Claire Galea

“and if everybody who tries something comes forward with his/her own experience about it, I believe it would be very beneficial to all!”

ONLY as long as they are not doing that to sell you something else. Bashing other peoples’ product is easily perceived as value and it is not NECESSARILY value.

@ Barry Heal

“just another product which prays on the uneducated and unwilling people who fail to see that great success…”

How do you know that?

@ Daniel Attard

Push Button Profits….push button FAIL

Profits can be push button after testing a proven strategy. What I mean is… a capture page that converts 20% after test driving 10,000 unique visitor into it can become a push button profit house by using a Google adword button to scale out to 100,000 visitors. i.e you still have to pay your dues at testing before that. A sales letter saying PUSH BUTTON is not a good excuse to hold on to $39 that may change your life. Just understand that PUSH BUTTON doesn’t mean NO WORK.. so ultimately am agreeing with you.

@ Graham J OConnor

James, you are a STAR. You are one of the few people on here that actually knows what they are talking about because you specialize and have passion.

Easy man…DAYUMM lol j/k

@ Sebastian Latina

. I’ve seen many of these types of products, or businesses for that matter, which basically sell on hype and fail to deliver.

Keep seen them until you find your own breakthrough product. We all hype.. It’s called “BE EXCITED” in network marketing. We all paid our dues including James as he confirmed. Yes some family might have drowned themselves but at the end of the day they got SOLD. That is never the fault of the salesman. I know that is A HARD TRUTH.. But what can I tell ya???

Everybody that is enjoying success in this business has bought one product or the other that didn’t directly pay them. The first product I bought was $3,000 back in 2005… didn’t directly pay me but it was the beginning of a journey that has paid me more that 10,000 times over since then. Please do yourself and your own personal journey a favor, do not complain or whine about spending money on your education which is ultimately the experience. IT IS A JOURNEY! ignorance is much more expensive my friends

@ Greg Vining

Most of the time it’s hard for me to even figure out what they are selling from the sales page. I bought Zero Cost Commissions a while back, and the product I got was not anything like what was being promoted on the sales page.

You got sold on something you didn’t understand? WTF? You know who to blame for that my friend. Definitely not clickbank. BTW… I do get a lot of money from clickbank. May be am just defending them O WELL

@ Richard Kaulfers

I have no doubt in my mind that if you wanted you could write 27 books and sell them for 37.97 with a limited time offer of 17.97. Okay no limited time offer. But really why not put together something and sell it?

ha ha LOL.. :lol: $497 E-book is better.. just be sure to be an Alpha. Go for James throat Richard.. he is nice he won’t hurt you man… lol I think we met in VEGAS Richard.. am not sure… but anyway good to see you here man

@ Angela Maynard

A few years ago I’ve signed up with a few affiliate sites on CB advertised their sites did everything and never got a penny from these sites.

Hi Angela, did you sell or just advertised??? lol You do know you don’t get paid for just advertising RIGHT??? Right??. You get paid for RESULTS a.k.a SALES

@ Helene Mearing

As the world of BN shared much of their negative experience, my delet button is working fast getting rid of all junk ….

Other people’s experience doesn’t have to be yours you know. Today, myself and my brother Shola.. we were laughing :lol: at a $1 refund in the Magnetic Sponsoring back-office. Someone had a bad experience with Magnetic Sponsoring $1 test-drive :lol: and yet the concepts in that book has been the cornerstone of both our online and offline traditional businesses.

@ James Stein

I know we all have been there and I hate to see newbies have to go through all the crap that many of us have already went through.

It is not crap.. my opinion.. IT IS A JOURNEY. They all will have to pay there own dues as we all did. NO SHORTCUTS.

Like I said, I understand people are quick to perceive Guru-bashing and Product-bashing as value. Be clear! It is not VALUE especially if it’s done purposefully to sell something else. If you are going to whine about your own education and that you should continue to test tools for the rest of your career life when EVEN top dogs are still paying $25,000 on mentoring, GET A JOB.

We get it. You don’t have to be rich. Your corporate boss will do the testings of the tools and continous testing of new technology etc. because every successful business does that anyway.

With that mindset, I am not sure you would keep a job neither in this economy.

PS: I paid more than $200,000 for my College and Master Education. So did my brother, making it about $400,000 and we are still waiting for 5 years+ for the direct profit from that 6 years worth of e-book. STOP THE Whining my friends. It is not going to fly in this industry nor any other industry for that matter. YES! There are crappy products but it is a necessary evil and your journey to YOUR PROMISE LAND

PPS: The college Education has paid us INDIRECTLY TOO… that is the TRUTH. I REFUSE TO bash the GURU-gods of American formal education.



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  1. You do have to watch out for alot of junk that you run across in this industry. I really glad that you posted that original post

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