Keeping Your Mind In Check

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Please as you read this; understand that I am not a Yoga Guru, Buddhist or any of these people that analyze people. This is definitely not some hypnosis crap. But I was listening to one of the inspirational Christian program on TV last night and that preacher on the TV was talking about the things that your mind needs when he was discussing the laws of the mind. It is very applicable to Network marketing as well as business generally. So I felt the need to share it with you.

We as Network Marketer don’t talk enough about the importance of mindset.  Mindset simply means the set of your mind or the State of your mind. The mind is EASILY affected by our circumstances, our past, what we read, what we watch, what we say and pretty much everything. It is crucial that we understand how the mind works. Understanding the mind is an ongoing process. But you must start the process today if you haven’t. This is why MLM Leads System Pro is hands down the best MLM System in the world because there are hundred (if not thousands)  of hours of mindset trainings at the back office from the best of the trainers. Off course there are also the technical trainings back there.

Your Mind Needs A Focus.

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Looking Forward

Whatever situation you are now in your life, it is as a result of past knowledge and experiences. However, in order to move forward in life and in your Network Marketing MLM business, it is compulsory for your mind to look Forward. Looking or thinking backward of the bad as well as the positives is nothing but a distraction. The past cannot be corrected. You can CHOOSE to learn from it. FOCUS on that thing, that life style that you want and NOT the past that you don’t want. This is where forgiveness needs to be discussed (I am sounding like a preacher so I will stop.)

Your Mind Needs An Instruction.

You as a human being must understand that your mind wants to master who

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Instruct your mind just like this teacher

you are. Don’t succumb to your Mind. Control it.  You are NOT your mind. You must learn how to use your mouth to INSTRUCT your mind what to think about. Now you understand the whole point of affirmations. Affirmations are not meant for mouth exercise. They are meant to instruct the mind what to do and think about. YOUR MIND IS MEANT TO SERVE YOU NOT VICE VERSA. Your affirmations should be specific. For example, if you market gold and silver with Numis Network, you can say: I will be a Six Star in 8 months. Notice that the affirmation is value and time specific. When you say that everyday in the morning, you are instructing your mind.

Your Mind Needs A Hero.

You need to have someone that you follow. Every successful people have someone that they look up to. When I say hero, I am not saying that you do every thing that they do. You still have to be who you are and your uniqueness is VERY important. You need someone that the mind thinks about either as motivation or whatever. It could be your upline or it could be any business guru out there. Whenever you sit down to watch a Vh1 reality show, suddenly your mind will speak to you gently; would Mentor A watch this show Or do some prospecting?” You mind will think of that hero.

Your Mind Needs To be Fed:

Well I am not talking about the Burger Kings or McDonalds here. Your mind needs to be fed constantly with whatever you want it to be thinking about it. Now don’t have the picture of Donald Trump or your upline in your room. That is just Gross..Lol. Use the picture of your dream car as your desktop background picture. Go and test drive your dream car at the dealership. Drive around your dream neighborhood. The best way to feed your mind is through sight. I am not a big fan of reality show, but MTV cribs might be a good way to feed the mind. Go on you-tube and watch the profile of the Mlm top earners.  Give your mind something.  Feed the mind something positive. What you think is so important because your thought is the cause, events are the effect. I think you missed that.

Your Thought Is The Cause, Events Are The Effect.

PS: there are books on the mind, educate yourself. That is what leaders do.

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