MLM Business Secrets: Leaders are Followers

To be a leader, you must be a follower. This is one of those moments that you scratch your head like “WTF” is he talking about? This is another post on the topic of leadership that I have been talking about for few weeks now. Let me just remind you a little about how we got here. Upon careful evaluation and study of the top income earner in our MLM Network Marketing business, I came to the conclusion that the ONLY secret to success in MLM Network Marketing Business is Leadership.

MLM SuccessI also made it clear that leaders are not born. The fact that someone is naturally bold or cocky does not mean that they are leaders. Yes, boldness is one of the characteristics of a good leader. Also this is important. The fact that someone is bossy by nature does not mean that they are born a leader. Leadership comes with many qualities that have to be learned cautiously or just naturally from life experiences. In order to be successful in your MLM Network Marketing business, you must have ENOUGH leadership qualities. The real question is what do you call enough?

I was recently listening to Mark Hoverson on his webinar and he was talking about the fact that he hasn’t learned or read about some new skills (or something like that) in almost a year and he was confessing about this. This is a man that is making way over 100K every month in his home business. I mean by our definition of success, he is someone that you can call a successful entrepreneur in the Home Business MLM Network Marketing niche. However the inspiration for that webinar came from the new product that he probably paid $2k for from Eben Pagan another online Marketing Guru. I hope you see where I am going with this little story here. To be successful, you must be a good follower.

MLM Business Secrets: Follow Others

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If you cannot follow others successfully, then you cannot lead anyone. When I say Follow, I am not saying blindly follow someone and do what that person is doing. This will be a GRAVE MISTAKE for your MLM business. You MUST maintain your identity and your brand to be success in any business. Do not talk like anybody. Do not try to sound like anyone. Like I mentioned in the previous posts, your audience can smell “BS” and fakeness in whatever you do. Trust me on that.

You must have at least one or two people that you follow in your business. You must examine the ways they do things. Examine their approach to their business. Learn from their mistakes. Read their books. Listen to their audio tapes. Attend their live coaching. This is crucial for your success in your MLM Network Marketing business both offline and online.

In the ideal situation, the person that you follow must be accessible. The person should be a phone call or an email away. As you and I both know though, nothing is ideal in the world that we live in. Most likely, you might not get this people’s attention until you start producing results yourself. From the previous example that I gave, there is a big chance that Mark Hoverson has easy access to Eben Pagan ( OR could if he wants) because Mark himself is a success story. Majority of the people following Pagan will not have access to him though. You must take whatever you can get from the people that you follow.

In conclusion, all the top income earners in the MLM Network Marketing business all have one or more people that are their mentors. They all have someone that they follow. They read their books and attend their trainings. Remember this though. The purpose of following someone is not to blindly do what they do. Maintain your uniqueness. Maintain your brand. Embrace who you are and use it to your advantage. The purpose of following someone is for that person’s approach to help define (not dictate) your own approach to your MLM Network Marketing Business.

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  1. Very interesting Ola, your post MLM Business Secrets: Leaders are Followers. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Ola. Take care, Michael

  2. I love the part in the last paragraph that you underlined! “The purpose of following someone is not to blindly do what they do. Maintain your uniqueness. Maintain your brand. Embrace who you are and use it to your advantage. ”

    That is so key, its so easy to get caught up on in trying to mimic someone exactly when it is so much better to use them as guideposts toward our individual success.

    Awesome message!

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