Setting Your MLM Network Marketing Goals: The Five Musts

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Focus on the Goals

Your Goals Must Be Written Down.

It is very easy to say that you want to be a top earner in your network marketing business and not follow up on it. Write both the long term goal and the short term goal down. Write them on a note book. Write them where you can see them every day. If it has to do with materials things, get a picture of it and post it up your house. Your mindset is extremely important. You have to be mentally in tuned every time. With the many obstacles that you will see, your written goal will instruct your mind to think constantly about the goal. When you think it, it will come to past. One of the mistakes that we make as network marketers is that we let our mind do the command. You should be instructing your mind what to think. With the negativities surrounding us anyway, your mind will dictate that. When you write down your goal, you are assigning your mind a task. That is one of the crazy Network Marketing tips you will ever see.

Your Goal Must Be Challenging.

The good news is that we as network marketers have already passed this test. MLM is simple but it is not easy. You will need to get off your butt and do some work both online and offline. When you set a goal to start recruiting 1 people per day, you have to understand that will be challenging. That is a good challenging goal. Based on the law of numbers, you would probably need to talk to 10 people to get that 1 person depending on your prospecting and communicating skills. Set a challenging goal. Do not set a goal like; I will talk to one person per day. Trust me; you will not make any money that way.

Your Goals Must Be Believable.

In other words, do not have a dream of buying a Bentley next week. That goal probably won’t work out very well. In terms of the believability (is that a word?) of your dreams, ONLY YOU has to believe your dreams. Your father, mother or even spouse does not really have to believe. As a matter of fact, when too many people believe your dreams with you that is not a good thing. That means it is probably not big enough. YOU must sincerely believe that you can achieve your dreams. You cannot deceive your mind.

Your Goals Have To Be Specific Both In Value And Time.

Do not go around setting a goal of becoming a five figure monthly earner in few months. What do you mean in few months? I can’t find “few months” on the calendar. What do you mean by five figure? Do you mean $10,000, $15,000 or $99,000? Be specific. I want to be generating an average of 50 Network Marketing leads per day by Thursday next week. That is a specific goal in value and in time frame. When you set that goal and you write it down, your mind will pick it up and think it. The ways to achieve that goal will come when you put in the work.

You Goals Must Be Measurable.

This is very self explanatory. Generating 50 leads is measurable because I can go on get-response and count. Recruiting 1 person per day is measurable because you can go to the back office of your business and count. Goal of writing one article per day is measurable. Setting a goal of talking to as many people as possible per day is NOT a good goal. You can not measure “as many people as possible.” I will go out every day and talk to 10 people about my business is better. I will collect 20 No’s per day. That is measurable.

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