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I was thinking about this and that is the answer that I came down to. What is the secret to become a top income earner? What are the Network Marketing MLM secrets to becoming someone with thousands of people in their downlines? What is the Network Marketing MLM secrets to recruiting 200 people in a year? This is obviously easier said than done. But the only answer that I can come to is Leadership. The moment the area of leadership is covered, then Success will come to your business.

Are Leaders born? I don’t know to be honest with you. But I know the word “leader” was not written on anyone’s MLM Business Successforehead when they were born. I also know that NO leaders have ALL the well known characteristics of a Leader. In other words, your MLM business success might not be that far from you. Are leaders born or not is honestly an irrelevant question and is one of those things that we are using to justify out lack of leadership skills. Yes I said skills. There are certain Characteristics of leaders that you must learn and implement. Once you do this and apply it to your MLM Network Marketing Business, the rest is easy. I will discuss few of them below.

Leaders are action takers. I know this is the most obvious statement that I can make. Listen to this very well. Buying all the new products out their will not make you a single dime. Buying the entire latest 1-button success product will not build your downlines for you. Getting hypnotized by the design of a sales page and how well someone speaks will not make you an MLM Success story. Get past this stage FAST. We have products that we sell out there so I am definitely not trying to hate on the people selling products. You will only make money when you ACT on the products that you bought already and work it. There is no magic MLM Network Marketing Secrets out there. Leaders’ take action without anyone’s permission.

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One of the major reasons for information overload is the lack action taking. That is just the bottom line. When you take action, you will be learning on the fly. But when you have 5 or 6 products on the shelf and you are yet to finish the first one, that is a big problem. TAKE ACTION. You can make up for any lack by taking action.

For example, you don’t have to be the most eloquent guy to get on the phone and prospect all day. Does it help to be well spoken, nice voice and possibly a British accent? Yes it does help. But you will never take any action and see any result if you keep waiting for the perfect situation. Guys, this is the number one characteristic of a true leader. Remember where we started from. The ONLY MLM Network Marketing Success Secrets is Leadership and the first characteristics of a true leader is that they are Action takers. I will be writing more on these in the coming days.

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  1. Your post Network Marketing MLM Business Success Secret: Leadership was well done as always Ola. I love a post that has real value. Take care, Michael

  2. “You will only make money when you ACT on the products that you bought already and work it.”
    That’s POWERFUL bro and its the TRUTH! Great post!

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