Are You in the Number 1 Home Business?

Everyone has different meanings as to what a home business ought to be.  The # 1 home business for each one of us are different.  For many folks, it’s having the ability to work at home and for other people, it means managing a business from home AND NOT NECESSARILY working at HOME.

Building a business at home does not necessarily mean that you’ve got FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  You may still manage a home business from home and end up out on the road a lot more than even for A regular j.o.b.  Several self-employed people like local plumbers, repairers of all kinds, copy machine repair folks constantly spend even up to twelve hrs on the road sometimes.

Are you ever gonna have time for your children???

Many just kind of compromise as they do not know any better BUT THEY REALLY WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  Actually, they would argue TILL death that they’VE got the number 1 home-based business in the world.  There is an adage that your father has the biggest ACRES IN farmland right up until you visit another person’s dad’s farm.

One thing I want to address is the fact that a business MAN should never assume they have the best anything at all.  It is STRAIGHT UP STUPID NAIVE and ok as soon as you fix the ignorance.  A home based business entrepreneur must realize that there should invariably be room for advancements.  This is how most of us grow in life and business–by learning new and BETTER things.

There is a thin line between being self-confident and being straight up blind and not ready to accept bigger and better things.  There is also a thin line between leaping from 1 home-based business to a different one because of your lack of skills AND changing to a much better position simply because it is a far better DEAL.  Yes there is a better deal than yours, you just haven’t found it OR you are in denial.  It is always one of the two.  There are much too many home based business owners running from 1 home based business to another THINKING the grass is greener when actually they just lack skills.

If your goal is to have an overabundance of time with family, several of the opportunities out here will NOT cut it.  Most end up in another rat race that is EVEN worse than working in a cubicle.  Many home businesses is only going to take more time from the free time you already don’t have and compensate you with an empty bank account….SADDDD  Aint it?

You: I am talking about you yourself need to be the business.  That’s the secret to having the number 1 home-based business.  When you START BRANDING yourself and your own empire Rather than committing thousands and thousands in borrowed money in an opportunity first, invest in your training first and…  ACTUALLY until you die.  NO Excuse, the education is free nowadays.  There  are numerous RESOURCES right here on this page.

Take note that you do not have to invest your lifetime savings in some number 1 home business opportunity.  Sound and many home businesses cost less than $1,000 to start up today.  The remainder of any other expenses in your new business will be in even more education for YOU–“the business enterprise.”

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  1. You guys always nail it! I’m actually kind of speechless on this one… You covered a lot of awesome points. I just gotta say thanks for putting out all that you do!


  2. Hey guys you did again!!! You Rock!!!

  3. U guys are bomb, i think you are doing a great job but as you know situation here in Nigeria which make me lack a little to join you guyz at the top, i solicited 4 ur help to bring me up.

  4. Am glad you guys like it… Quadri, we have plans for NAIJA in the nearest future… STAY tuned!

  5. Shanda Loiko // July 14, 2010 at 8:39 am //

    Thanks for the great home business information. It gave me the insight I was seeking.

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