From A Procrastinator Still In Rehab

You would think by now I would be completely free from procrastinating. But the truth is that we all have some element of procrastination in us. so in today’s network marketing tip, I will reveal some tips that  I have been incorporating that is helping big time.

ok, Forgive the language..But you get the point.

Do the most difficult task first.

When I said difficult, I am not talking about difficulty from energy stand point. I am talking about the task that you hate doing the most. For me, I passionately hate spinning articles. So now, that is my first task that I do in the morning. That way, I can get it out of the way. Also I have the most energy in the morning.
Set a deadline to finish the activity. Depending on your level of your procrastinating habit this can help you reduce it. For me now, I have to write and spin an article by 12pm. That helps me focus more and just get it out of the way. Yours could be shooting and uploading a video. Notice that I say upload. It is better to complete the job. Set a time deadline that you know you can stay faithful to.

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Reward yourself often.

This cannot be for the mini task like spinning one article. It has to be for the major task. You can reward yourself for recruiting one person into your business. Reward yourself for writing, spinning and syndicating 20 articles in a week. If you are a health freak like me, then this is an excuse to grab a burger king with the best French fries in the market (my opinion).
If it is huge task, break it down in to stages. It is easy to get overwhelmed with a major task. Example of that task could be setting up a blog and installing all the necessary plug-ins. Break the task down into different phases and pace yourself. One of my favorite quotes state “Rome was not built in a day.”

This is not feasible for everybody.

But if it is possible, have someone to check on you regularly if you are getting the job done. It could be your child and it could be your upline (if possible). You just need someone to keep you accountable.
One of the ways to overcome procrastination is to have the “no excuse” mentality. We all understand that life will get in the way. We all have issues that come up.  That being said, do not welcome the excuses. You not welcoming excuses might mean sleeping 2 hours later. It might means skipping the party. Get the money making task done.

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