Can “YOU” Have Success in Network Marketing-MLM?

I want us to educate ourselves here on this industry. This is not reality show.. this is REALITY. It is LITERALLY impossible to get 100% FACTS when you getting involved in an endeavor in any industry on PLANET earth. See it is a fact that Donald Trump went from NEGATIVE millions of dollars to $2 Billion+ Net worth in less than ONE DECADE. It is a fact that Story sells. So if I told you that particular story to inspire you and not necessarily to sell you and you get inspired, I have not TOLD A LIE because I didn’t read the whole Donald Trump Biography to you–all the facts of what he had to do. I did not LIE because I didn’t tell you that he had multi-million dollar worth of relationships and all he had to do was mend those relationships after he went bankrupt.

LIE or HYPE… Is That A Good Excuse To Avoid Success in Network Marketing?

mlm successSee, I am seeing people throwing the word “LIE” and “HYPE” all over the place mostly because something didn’t work out. These are opinions and has nothing to do with ethics. Some of them define “HYPE” as synonym to “LIE”. Well I guess when MTV created a “BUZZ” around “Snooky and “Jersey Shore” and called it a must see and I tuned in and it happened to be some stupid crap.. THEY LIED TO ME. How dare they? 😆 I guess it’s hard for most to phantom around our mind that this is REEAAAL business we are running here.

Well in this REAL business, our goal is to inspire people that they can do better than they are doing because it is another FACT that most people can do better than they are doing.

This is why most companies create overview videos for any product or services they are lunching. Same reason why most MLM companies create 7-10 minutes video and no more than 1 HOUR of presentation to get you signing up and buying into a dream. Do this dreams come into reality? YES! For everyone.. HECK NO…. to expect that is insane because remember “FACT that most people can do better than they are doing” but SADLY they won’t.

You are in the business of inspiring people that they can “LIVE their Dreams” which is a FACT. You are not in the business of nurturing people’s skepticism about the FACT that there is a CHANCE that they can be a superstar in this industry like anybody. Again IT IS A CHANCE. None of the Network Marketing or MLM companies corporate office guarantees any success. NEVER! It is clearly stated .. YES in fine prints sometimes… that your success depends on “YOU”. You are NOT in the business of telling folks that they “CAN’T” DO IT or CAN’T BE THE BEST.. OMG!

mlm network marketing successWhen I am trying to sell you on you “LIVING YOUR DREAM”, NO.. I am not OBLIGATED to paint a NEGATIVE picture that you will struggle. What if I am wrong? Any chance? I focus on the positive stories that are FACTS. They are called TESTIMONIALS. As long as those stand alone stories are FACTS, then I haven’t told you a LIE by not telling that “JOE STORY” quit after 2 weeks when family and friends rejected him… I am not obligated to tell you the ATTRITION rates when it isn’t the solution to the problem I identified with you.

Testimonials like “25K a month in 14 weeks” is a hell of Good Damn story. If ONE out of the 20,000 reps in an ARENA ran with that story and created another story of “$5K a month in 3 months”, that TRUE STORY did its job and it’s well worth it.

Let’s get back to inspiring people that they “can” DO IT.. It IS A FACT but of course limited information. We all have limited information, time and resources.. there is NO EXCUSE. Every successful people use limited information and expand on it. Limited information is all you are gonna have access to anyway.

All that a new prospect need is limited information but FACTS.. NO LIES. [Company-Founders-Product-Simplest Part of the Comp Plan – INSPIRING Testimonial – CLOSE.] If you are identified as “open to a business opportunity”, the solution is a short presentation in this order [Company-Founders-Product-Simplest Part of the Comp Plan – INSPIRING Testimonial – CLOSE.]. The rest of the information belong in the Leadership trainings after they get started.

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is throw up all the “FACTS” on their prospect and guess what happens…they scare most of the prospects away, they get DE-inspired and quit the business before their day of joy which may be somewhere 100 prospects down the road. Throwing up on your prospect is NOT effective. Your job is to identify their need to “LIVE mlm skeptic objectiontheir DREAMS”, show them an opportunity that you believe in, inspire them and let them GET STARTED or do research if they want to … with the DVD magazine or heck Google. They might find the MLM BROS on Google though.

Again, Pre-Qualify by connecting and plug them into presentation [Company-Founders-Product-Simplest Part of the Comp Plan – INSPIRING Testimonial – CLOSE.] Same applies in any business model. If you go into more information than this, they won’t join anyway because they are confused–most times and you just wasted YOUR TIME that is FACTUALLY more valuable that money itself.

Testimonial in “NOT” False HOPE

I QUOTE someone here..

I can’t tell you how many people I work with that I show the real side of the story to and the first thing out of their mouth 99% of the time is … “No one ever told me this part.”

See.. that’s what I have a problem with.. no one told you that you have to work hard in ANYTHING that will be long lasting sustainable WEALTH EMPIRE.. are you kidding??? C’mon that person is looking for handouts and a GET RICH QUICK. Their character is to be questioned too. Don’t you think?  This business is a GET RICH but NOT necessarily “QUICK”.  You have to work but whats most important is consistency and commitment.

If you are a leader in Network Marketing, you know you’ve had surprises but your dreams were to big to QUIT anyway. You know when you decided and planted your FLAG that you worked harder than “90%” of people reading this. We all will like to save the world.. TRUST ME. However, we are gonna do more productive work by simply going through the people and helping those that are TRULY success hungry. It is a self-development industry and that is its nature. It’s like a psychiatric hospital.. the crack head has to meet the Doctor some where in the middle.

Another Quote here…

sell an amazing story – but sell a complete story.
If you can’t sell it complete, then in my opinion you shouldn’t be selling it at all.
Because people pay for the truth, not half truth.

I don’t disagree with that.. but here is the complete story [Company-Founders-Product-Simplest Part of the Comp Plan – INSPIRING Testimonial – CLOSE.] if you want to avoid running a charity business from the discomfort of your own HOME. People paid for a vehicle that gives them a “CHANCE” (NO GUARANTEE) to be financially FREE. They have access to the PUBLIC LIBRARY to do any research. They didn’t pay you to do research for them.

Unless, your company is totally running a PYRAMID SCAM with no products being distributed to consumers, the TESTIMONIALS are just that….Stories… FACTS are available all over the place for you to decide. If you do decide that it isn’t working out as approx. 95% of SMALL BUSINESSES and not just MLM Home businesses, in their first 5 years… it’s NO one’s FAULT. You just became a STAT as everyone of us has been somewhere in our journeys. IT’s OK.. It’s called LIFE.

ONE LAST QUOTE HERE by someone trying to save the world but in my opinion end up HURTINg dreams!

Here’s a basic list of things that I hardly ever see revealed in promotions like this…

* How many people were carried over from an existing downline somewhere else?
* What deals were made with the company for bringing such a large group to that company?
* How big was the list or lists used for the promotion?
* How much was invested creating that list and how long did it take?
* How many players had their hands in the cookie jar to make it happen?
* How much was invested in the overall promotion?

All these information are disclosed by Major MLM companies in that contract that no one reads. What deals goes one to create a BUZZ in a Wellsfargo product at the corporate level has nothing to do with the Associate at the local bank trying to get you to open a Checking account. He shows you the benefits of opening the account and pushes the disclosures in front of you to sign when you do agree to. FOR THE LIFE OF ME.. do not ask me to read those things. That’s insane.

In the same token… why would a brand new prospect need to know that a guy brought over 50,000 people that he still built anyway and was paid $5 Million to move them over? Is it ethical to use his story as a testimonial… I don’t know and I won’t form an opinion on that because it is “FRANKLY” irrelevant. Facts remain that this industry changed and can still change lives. I believe in the industry and what we sell is the dream and not the FRIGGIN attrition rate.

We need to get this… This industry is just like any other. Some will be happy and some won’t.. SO WHAT… Let’s continue to serve those that want to be served… INSPIRATION. NOT SCARING PEOPLE. Let’s get out of the illusion that the industry is suppose to work out for everybody. It can for ANYBODY that make that choice.. but that’s different from EVERYBODY.

***This is the complete story about this industry and “YOU” all can still WIN!***

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8 Comments on Can “YOU” Have Success in Network Marketing-MLM?

  1. Thank you for your article guys. It’s about time somebody addressed this issue. I am a firm believer in being honest but not giving prospects every single fact under the sun. It’s all about establishing a relationship, a need, and then see if what you have can fill that need. I think using company Cd’s, DVD’s, and webinars are a great way to avoid giving them too much information and in turn sabotaging yourself.

  2. To be truthful I think anyone can be successful in network marketing, all you have to do is be a student to the industry and be consistent and goal driven… Dedication and Increasing your knowledge is the key when it comes to this MLM game

  3. Yes I agree… anyone but NOT everyone will. Thanks fr stopping by

  4. Thanks for sharing…There is without a doubt an overwhelming number of unethical marketers out there I for one am honored to share in the knowledge you have acquired throughout your success. I think the major problem is most dissatisfied dreamers rely solely on the marketer’s knowledge to bring them success when truth be told the pursuit of knowledge no matter how much you pay for it will yield no fruit in the absence of relevant action.

    Successful Marketers do the D.I.P.


    I couldn’t agree with you more…The primary goal of any business is PROFITABILITY…But when you come across business people who share valuable – life altering knowledge in exchange for profit the truth is the person who’s LIFE is dramatically changed honestly got an amazing deal …

  5. Thank you Ola and Shola for this inspiring article… makes SO much sense! 🙂 And THANK YOU BOTH for your training on the Leadership Intensive on MLSP a few days ago. You both selflessly gave of your time and energy to help share what you know. You are both great leaders and I look forward to learning more from you!

  6. Thank you for sharing this awesome post! The discomfort of your own home… I’ve heard Jeffery say that many time too. It’s so true!

  7. Wow guys, you hit the nail on the head with this one. To the point, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. With this industry, you do have to beware of giving people more information than they can handle. But what you do give them HAS TO BE The TRUTH!



  8. Great Post guys so true some can and some can’t (won’t)

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