For those of  your Old school (lol) that doesn’t really know what #YOLO means, it means “You Only Live Once“. What does a YOLO mentality has to do in your business?

I understand the demographical makeup of our audience and I know many of you reading this have lots of tough real life situations that you deal with on the daily basis. I am not trying to undermine your intelligence here. But trust me when I say this. You should implement the #YOLO mentality in your lifestyle.

I have said this many times that life is not really that serious. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ (Intentionally did not use the word religion). I am taught to be thankful in whatever situation that I am. Whatever situation you are in could always be worse. If you go to the intensive care unit in the hospital, there are people with a lot more serious situation than you.

On a regular basis, do something that you will not normally do. Many of you work so much that you don’t even take your wife out to movies or dinner anymore. Do something crazy (and safe). Enjoy life. Take your kids out and do something crazy for them. Surprise your spouse, Surprise your parents. Surprise your kids. Surprise your team. This is what I called the #YOLO mentality. Remember, You Only Live Once.

#YOLO In Your Business.

How does the #YOLO mentality helps in your business? One of the reasons why many of use don’t see result is because we over analyze stuff.

Now listen, when it comes to your marketing budget, please Analyze.

But we over analyze article content. we over analyze if we should pick up the phone and call a prospect that already shows interest in working with us. We over analyze if we should write a sales letter. We over analyze if we should create our own capture pages instead of using the one that the whole world uses. We over analyze every little damn thing. Stop doing that. Remember, #YOLO.

Who cares how good it will be? Remember you already know more than 99% of the people out there. Write the “freaking” sales letter. You will only get better. If you have an idea in mind, create a product of it and sell it to your list. Do you first webinar. What do you have to lose? No one is perfect. Take the first step. #YOLO

The most effective way by which we learn in business is true failure. You could as well go through the failure fast. Every failure gets you a step closer to your success. I make mistakes. Ola makes mistakes. All the top earners in your Network Marketing Company make mistakes everyday. Don’t buy that “Expert Status” nonsense. Maybe expert in failing. But the more you take risks and make bold decisions, the more successful you will be in your business. #YOLO

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