You Are On Your Own

Internet Network Marketing

I hope to keep this post very short. I don’t read long post and I don’t like writing one except for SEO reasons. But sometimes I tend to rant a little bit to much and write a really long post. So Let’s see how short I can keep this post.

You are On Your Own

When it comes to success in any business including Internet Network Marketing, affiliate marketing, or any business, you are on your own. What do I mean by this? Your business is directly proportional to your own effort and there is no way around that.

What I noticed is that many people come online to be successful in their business like Network Marketing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. But you can not come online looking for someone to pretty much do everything for you. This is not going to happen.

Vast Majority of your money online will be made by what you figure out by yourself.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy any product. This is not what the post is about it.

These products are meant to be fundamental information for you.

  • You have to go through the product information and implement it
  • Then you have to go the extra length and find out what the rest of the people that bought the same product will not know.

Notice how you are the one that has to do all these. Because you bought a product from me or anyone does not mean that I am obligated to walk you step by step through the journey. Remember there are other 1000+ people that bought the same product.


If you are from the traditionally MLM world, then you will understand the concept of tap-rooting. Pretty much after recruiting someone, you will get them to start fast, qualify, do their home meeting and recruit more from their home meeting. Then you do home meeting for the new recruits hopefully to find new recruit from that meeting also. You have to keep going deeper and deeper. You get the concept.

Please get this; This is MORE about you tap rooting till you find someone that is as good as you, will catch fire and just do what you do and ask less questions THAN it is about you making sure that your recruits make money. Did you get that?

You are on your own.

Internet Network Marketing

When it comes to making money online, you must take ownership of your business and do not depend on anyone. I am surprised when people buy a $199 product and didn’t even create the time to go through this product and implement what is the course.

Was the product supposed to make you money by itself?

How do you pay “freaking” $25 for a blogging platform and you are whining about it when you haven’t even write a single blog post or go through the trainings?

If you sign up for a tool and you couldn’t set it up right, call the support and get them on the phone. Outsource it to someone. Do something and get it solved. Whining is however NOT an option.

The only place where you won’t encounter problem is at your Job.

Entrepreneurs are problem Solvers not whiners.

Possibly the reason why you came online is to recruit more people into the Network Marketing company that you initially believed in. So what makes you think jumping around with some “gurus” from company to company will get you to where you want to be?

 Be the Leader

Pick a company based on your judgment and get to work. Figure out how the people that recruits a lot do it and be good at it.

There is a level of stubbornness and competitive juice that must be running through your veins in order to make money in this business.

Take ownership and control of your business because you are on your own.




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