Why Are The Wealthy Like Robert Kiyosaki Endorsing Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki

It was only a matter of time before the wealthy start shining their eyes on this wonderful opportunity called network marketing.  Therefore it wasn’t a surprise when individuals like Mr Kiyosaki from the rich dad fame and Mr Donald Trump started to cash in on and endorse the business.  In fact Robert Kiyosaki has now named it the Business of the 21st Century in his brand-new book which is now on the market at leading bookstores.

I’ve been really privileged to develop the vision for trends EVEN before I made little money of my very own.  I won’t say this is a skill.  Just upright favored. That’s my story and I will be sticking with it.

What Mr Kiyosaki is doing exactly is what wealthy people do.

They’re constantly READY and when there’s a fresh opportunity or TREND… they jump in front of the curve like a FROG.  Most people might see them as being lucky once they start mining the profits from taking ACTION PUBLICLY.  These guys can see that job security is a subject put to rest (shhhh.. PAST TENSE) and lots of folks are looking for alternatives.  Essentially the most inexpensive escape route with the biggest financial freedom potential is MLM a.k.a network marketing (now backed by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki and many more).

Some years ago when I was involved with music production, I built a 3 piece recording studio.  I recorded at least 3 albums on those THINGS in my, then, studio apartment flat.  Many of my friends tried much to persuade me that I needed a major studio room using big boards to be able to do anything professional.  I begged to differ mainly because I knew where technology was heading, and I guess I was among the first few to recognize the idea that I really could record professionally right inside of my own bathroom inside the projects on the tenth floor…yup THE PROJECTS…

It’s quite natural for most people to repel change.

Normally, they reject change as well as just settle in their comfort zone.  At times, they wake up if their back is against the wall.  These days, a lot of people’s back are against the wall.  People are getting let go (shhh.. FIRED) simply because our planet just can’t afford to keep spoon feeding folks.  You are going to have to get your own.

I was talking to a Real Estate friend of mine yesterday.  He clearly stated to me that he was struggling to find buyers to some properties.  I sympathized and reminded him that I was no longer in that business.

I told him I had something for him if he wanted to take a look.  The first thing he said was “I hope it is not ACN.” Then he went on to tell me about all the failures he knew in Amway.  Then he dropped the ball.  Only if I would pay for him. “YOU KIDDING RIGHT?…”

This is a person that I respect a lot. So I took time to explain to him.  Normally I wouldN’t explain because it is a mindset DEFECT and I am not in the business of changing mindsets.

I asked him if he paid for the license and the exam he took to become a loan officer.  He said “Yes”.  I also told him that I paid over $100,000 for the computer engineering degree that I got and have never found a job with it.  Then he said “that is true”. Of course it’s true… all my Professors automobiles were worse than anything I had ever dreamed about or wanted.

May be subconsciously, many believe that no one will make any money in network marketing because:

  1. They rejected someone that tried to recruit them.
  2. They had failed in network marketing in the past.
  3. They know someone who failed.

Today I must crack the bubbles.  Lots of people, including the wealthy Mr Kiyosaki are now shinning their eyes over the mlm network marketing enterprise.  It was alright to hold back before… but not any longer.  You happen to be reading this, right? right?????  There exists a 90% probability you would be stubborn. You are going to forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars if you do not find a very good team in a good network marketing program and obtain a SPOT.

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  1. people hate change cause regardless of how much they hate their life they are afraid of the unknown. people with weak mindsets generally need to have some type of traumatic experience to get them out of it.

    great post man.

  2. Great post. So true about the fact that many do not want to change and will probably not do anything until their backs are up against the wall. Thanks for sharing here.

  3. good to know ur doin good

  4. I really learned a lot. I appreciate the effort put into this site and will visit here more often. Thank You!

  5. Thank you… article is cognitive.

  6. You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about half an hour. I am a newbie and your post is valuable for me.

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  8. VRy interesting to read it 😛 😀

  9. Hey, thanks for the post.Really thank you!

  10. You brothers are awesome with great info.
    I met your”stuff” in Utribe.
    I wrote a post the other day piggy backing on
    the 490,000 U.K. government workers getting laid of.
    I don’t cry for them since it happened to me at 50.
    4 years ago.
    I was already in the MINDSET though and started to act.
    Now at 54 years young I’m home and like you two am
    starting to build a Numis business…and other incomes also.
    Numis is the no-brainer though.

    I put the article in my link.
    And share a bit below.

    Thanks for leading MLMBrothers!!

    Despite the shift in the global economy from
    MANUAL to Digital, many entrepreneurs have
    prospered financially during these extraordinarily
    difficult times, but how’s that possible?

    Well, if you’re a govt worker dependent upon
    spending then, opportunity to grow is contingent
    upon further spending (clearly, not a popular idea).
    Now, the entrepreneur isn’t dependent upon govt,
    but upon his ability to recognize opportunity and
    invest wisely to generate PROFIT. Is that YOU?

    Clearly, reliance upon govt., for long-term financial
    stability and prosperity is a thing of the past. Now,
    workers must become more entrepreneurial and
    develop a Millionaire Mindset, which focuses upon
    Winning and achieving SOLUTIONS to problems.

    Workers must become more entrepreneurial and
    develop a Millionaire Mindset.

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